Find Out Why Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is Perfect for Your Hair

Did you know that Palmer’s has hair care? Since 1840, this family owned business has always been a go-to for dry skin needs. In fact, we’re all very familiar with their original Cocoa Butter Formula for marks and blemishes, and for touch-up moisturizing on face and body. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula has established themselves as the #1 Cocoa Butter brand in the US and has continued to develop trusted skincare collections and now, today they’re making their mark with their must-have hair care products that we have also grown to trust. We are happy to partner with this iconic brand and their Cocoa Butter Length Retention System in our November Palmer’s Takeover Box.


Nov 2021 Box Cocotique


We know that your hair will thank us later for the 6 full-size products that you can try for yourself. This month there were so many products in the collection that we decided to curate two different boxes. Find out more about to use this hair care system and to get the optimal moisturizing benefits for your hair. 

Palemrs Cocoa Formula Shampoo & Conditioner

There’s nothing like using a hair care system on your wash day to make sure your strands are getting the full treatment. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Length Retention Shampoo & Conditioner are just the first steps to giving your hair what it fully needs. This combo will strengthen hair with its powerhouse of natural protectants that help block fragileness, brittleness, breakage, and split ends to help hair achieve its optimal length.

The Length Retention Shampoo is for all curl patterns and textures. It’s also gentle, color safe, and free from silicone, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten, and dyes. 

The Benefits of this Creamy Shampoo:

  • Lifts away dirt, oil and build-up
  • No harsh detergents, won't strip or tangle hair
  • Strengthens and maintains moisture balance
  • Leaves hair cuticles and follicles perfect for conditioning

Next, lock in moisture from root to tip with the Length Retention Conditioner. Your hair will love this creamy rich conditioner. It will detangle your strands and improve softness and manageability leaving you with silky, shiny, and healthier after each use.


Parmers Cocoa Butter Formula Biotin Pack


If your hair needs more moisture, use this intense strengthening Biotin Pack immediately after shampooing. Work this rich and creamy treatment in your hair from root to tip for 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. 

Why this Biotin Pack is for You:

  • Silicone free, intense strengthening treatment
  • Nourishes brittleness, breakage and split ends
  • Deeply penetrates
  • Improves shine and manageability
  • Created for all curl patterns and textures
  • Silicone free
  • No parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten or dyes

Parlmers Cocoa Butter Formula Deep Conditioner

If your hair is dry or damaged, this Deep Conditioner will quickly penetrate hair, hydrate, and restore dull strands rom root to tip. For best results use a shower cap and heat for deeper penetration and then follow up with the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Length Retention Leave-In Conditioner.


  • Detangles and locks in moisture for ideal styling
  • Increases resilience, shine and manageability
  • Improves hair and scalp health after each use
  • 100% Natural Certified Fair-Trade Cocoa Butter, Biotin, Quinoa Protein, and Vitamin E
  • Created for all curl patterns and textures
  • No parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten or dyes


Parlmers Cocoa Butter Formula 2 Step Mask


In just 5 minutes, you can get long lasting results with this 2 Step Mask. Made with key ingredients like, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, and Biotin that will leave your hair moisturized, soft, and shiny. Use this 2 Step combo together. Starting with Step 1, then add Step 2, then rinse after 5 minutes. Make sure to follow up with the Leave-In Conditioner for optimal results.

Step 1: Deep Conditioning Mask hydrates and nourishes 

Step 2: Protective Glaze shields and seals cuticle

Parlemrs Cocoa Butter Formula Leave-in Conditioner


Instantly detangle hair with this creamy, silicone free Leave-In Conditioner. This moisturizing leave-in will not only strengthen strands, protect hair from split ends and breakage, but it will also leave hair silky, smooth, and more manageable.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Cocoa Butter contains nourishing properties that shield hair stands form the harmful effects of styling damage.
  • Vitamin E makes hair less prone to dullness and fading, leaving hair shiny and healthier.
  • Biotin helps to optimize the natural hair growth cycle. Biotin also strengthens the hair strand, preventing hair from becoming brittle and fragile, reducing breakage.

You will love this lightweight silicone-free Shine Glaze Serum that will smooth down frizz and split ends. After shampoo and conditioning, apply evenly to hair from root to tip and do not rinse. Your hair will also reap the hydrating benefits of Marula Oil leaving your hair soft, shiny, and healthier looking.

Parlmers Cocoa Butter Formula Shine Glaze Serum


Why this Shine Glaze Serum is for you:

  • Created for all curl patterns and textures
  • Silicone free
  • No parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten or dyes

Palmers Cocoa Butter Defining Hair Gel


Now it’s time to style your hair. You’ll want to use the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Length Retention Defining Hair Gel, it will keep your hair style in place, frizz-free, and long lasting shine. This is the perfect styling product to give your next hair style life. 

What this Defining Gel Can Do for Your hair:

  • Keeps hair in place for super defined styles
  • Long-lasting smooth hold
  • Resists flaking & hardening
  • Frizz free and incredible shine
  • Created for all curl patterns and textures
  • No parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten or dyes

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Curl Defining Cream


For those twist outs, braid outs, and rod sets, you’ll want to go with the Curl Defining Cream. This moisturizing formula protects hair from frizz, breakage, and split ends. Your curls will be perfect – shiny and defined without the crunch and shrinkage. Apply a small amount to damp hair from root to tip for best results.

PALMER’S® Cocoa Butter Formula Length Retention Vita Gro


If you are looking to strengthen and protect your hair from hot styling tools. Then you will love the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Length Retention Length Retention Vita Grow.  A little goes a long way. Melt a pea-size of the Vita grow in your hands and apply this creamy balm from root to tip. Made with green coffee extract, ceramides and castor oil to protect all curl patterns from styling damage, friction, tension, and heat. You can also count on this styling product to promote healthy hair growth and manageability.

PALMER’S® Cocoa Butter Formula Length Retention Hair + Scalp Oil


Let’s not forget about scalp care. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Length Retention Hair & Scalp Oil should be your first choice. This naturally infused oil with Tiaré Tahiti flowers deeply penetrates and nourish the hair, maintaining long lasting hydration. Another great thing is, that this daily treatment is made with ethically and sustainably sourced raw, extra virgin coconut oil to add long lasting hydration, restore elasticity and shine and promote a healthy scalp. Spray directly on clean dry hair and scalp.