Discover the Organic Curl Care System That Delivers Hydration to All Hair Types

When it comes to dry hair, the first solution is to find moisturizing products that will not only hydrate and define curls, but also bring life and volume back to your hair. We are very happy to introduce you to Sky Organics and their Curl Care collection that includes their Wash Day Shampoo, Detangling Conditioner, Treatment Mask, and their Bouncy Curl Cream in the June Take Over Box. Find out all you need to know about Sky Organics’ organic, bio-based, plant-derived products work for you and how they are doing their part supporting non-profit organizations from healthcare initiatives to racial equality. We’re loving how amazing @curlsandcouture’s hair turned out using the products and we hope you will too! 


Talk to us about your Curl Care collection?

Curl Care is designed for all the curly, coily, and wavy-haired gals out there looking to maximize their hair’s moisture, combat breakage, and boost shine and manageability. We believe that wellness is all about making the right choices for your wellbeing – and that includes your hair care! That’s why we made Curl Care plant-based – making it better for your curls and the planet!


Is the Curl Care collection for all hair types and textures?

Curl Care is specifically designed for curly, coily, and wavy hair types that want to rock their natural hair, but all hair types can reap the benefits of our hydrating and strengthening ingredients. 


What inspired Sky Organics to work with plant-based ingredients?

We have always been connected to nature, so plant-based ingredients are part of our DNA. After years of working with natural, plant-based ingredients, we realized we had something that needed to be shared. Our belief that organic & plant-based ingredients are not only better for ourselves and our planet, but also better for our hair. That is what inspired us to use plant-based ingredients in our Curl Care products. 


All of your products are USDA Bio-Based. What exactly does that mean?

Our Curl Care line is USDA certified bio-based, which means that our products are formulated with a certain percentage (the exact % can be found on the label) of plant-based ingredients. This certification means our Curl Care products aren’t just better for your curls, they’re better for the planet too! It helps reduce our reliance on petroleum and an adverse environmental impact and increases our use of renewable agricultural resources. 

SKY ORGANICS Curl Care Wash Day Shampoo

What are the key ingredients in your Wash Day Shampoo

The key ingredients in Our Wash Day Shampoo are aloe vera, apple cider vinegar and castor oil. 


What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

Aloe vera gel hydrates hair strands and soothes the scalp, while apple cider vinegar balances pH, removes product buildup and boosts shine and castor oil conditions hair and scalp to support stronger hair and combat breakage. 


Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the ingredients in the Wash Day Shampoo. Is this shampoo considered a clarifying shampoo?

Our Wash Day Shampoo deep-cleanses your hair and scalp of build-up and impurities without striping their natural moisture, so it’s a good option when looking for a gentle clarifying shampoo. 

SKY ORGANICS Curl Care Detangling Conditioner

We always love a good Detangling Conditioner. What makes your conditioner stand out?

It’s all in the ingredient list. Our Detangling Conditioner is formulated with ingredients like castor and coconut oils to quench and soften dry curls while delivering rich, creamy moisture for easy detangling, lasting shine and an easy glide. Customers are consistently wowed by its slip and detangling power. 


Do you suggest sitting under a dryer or steamer to maximize the hydration benefits?

Our Curl Care system is designed to celebrate your natural texture. But when deciding between using a dryer or a steamer, we recommend using a steamer, as it is gentler on damaged and high porosity hair. Plus, it tends to moisturize and condition the hair, which is useful for those with low porosity hair.

SKY ORGANICS Curl Care Treatment Mask

How often should the Treatment Mask be used? 

Our Treatment Mask provides intense conditioning. This treatment should be used once a week or whenever your hair needs an infusion of moisturize and conditioning.  


What are the key ingredients in the Treatment Mask?

Coconut oil, castor oil, mango butter and rice protein. 


What are the benefits of Mango Butter for the hair?

Mango butter penetrates your hair strands to deeply nourish dry hair and support healthier looking curls. 


What can women expect after using the Treatment Mask?

The Treatment Mask delivers intense moisture to dry curls to support their natural bounce, combat breakage and boost shine. You can expect softer, shinier, more hydrated curls after using. 


How long will it take to see results after using the mask?

You can see results after just one use, but like with everything, being consistent with using the Treatment Mask will lead to more visible improvements over time.  

SKY ORGANICS Curl Care Bouncy Curl Cream

What is the best way to use the Bouncy Hair Cream?

The best way to use the Bouncy Curl Cream is to apply a small amount of product to damp hair from roots to ends and add more as needed. Then twist out, style or air-dry as desired to reveal defined and hydrated curls without a crunch. 


What bio-based ingredients are used to make the Bouncy Curl Cream?

Our Bouncy Curl Cream is made with a plant-based blend of ingredients like castor and coconut oils, and mango and shea butter.


What are the benefits of these bio-based ingredients?

Castor oil conditions the hair and scalp to support stronger hair and coconut oil moisturizes and tames curls for easy detangling and less frizz, while mango butter nourishes dryness for healthier looking curls, and shea butter boosts softness and hydrates thirsty curls. 


How does the Curl Care collection perform on low porosity and high porosity hair?

Sky Organic products have always been about personalization with a full line up of single ingredients. On one hand, Curl Care is ideal for quenching high porosity hair with moisturizing oils. While the Apple Cider Vinegar in our Wash Day Shampoo clears away product build-up for those with low porosity hair can struggle with. We also recommend that those with high porosity hair boost their product’s moisturization with our Castor Oil or Argan Oil when necessary.  


How important is it to use all of the Curl Care products that we just spoke about together

While each of the Curl Care products work incredibly on their own (and play well with other products in your routine), our blends of plant-based ingredients are even more wonderful together. Curl Care is all about making the right choices for you and your unique hair type – so we support everyone’s journey to find a routine that works for them.


Please talk to us about your efforts with Black Women’s Health Imperative. 

Curl Care is about more than a hairstyle – it’s about making the goodness of plant powered ingredients available to everyone - because real wellness is about making the right choices for your health and wellbeing – including your hair care. We believe health and wellness should be accessible and attainable for all. That’s why part of the proceeds will be donated to the Black Women’s Health Imperative – a national non-profit organization that fights for health and wellness equality for Black women and girls.


What other non-profit organizations do you support?

We are proud are proud are to say that we’ve supported and continue to stand in solidarity with the following organizations:


All of our subscribers who get the Sky Organics Takeover Box will receive the Wash Day Shampoo, Detangling Conditioner, Treatment Mask and the Bouncy Curl Cream. What is the one thing you want them to know?

We want everyone who uses our Curl Care system to discover that plant-based ingredients truly work! With products like ours, you don’t have to sacrifice your curls for a more natural formula. Curl Care was designed to deliver on its promise of more moisture, less breakage, and healthier looking curls, all while being better for you and the planet. 


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