Discover the Benefits of Sky Organics’ Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

If you’re looking for a dependable organic cold-pressed oil that you can use for all of your beauty and wellness needs, Sky Organics has the answer for you with their Organic Castor Oil in the June Box. For years, castor oil has always been a natural trusted source for common remedies and that’s something that this family relied on when they chose to include this in their collection. Castor Oil is made from castor beans found in tropical regions and is perfect for nourishing the scalp, moisturizing dry hair, and conditions lashes and brows. Find out how this family business got its start and how their 100% cold-pressed Castor Oil can benefit you.


How did Sky Organics get its start?

Our founders have always been passionately conscious about the environment and the impact we have on our planet. 15 years ago, they founded Florida’s first completely green dry cleaners. When they became parents, their interest in naturals deepened – so they began using the kitchen not only to cook but also to create products for themselves and their children. It started with concerns about processed baby food, then progressed to examining our soaps and personal cleaners which again, led us to creating our own natural cleansers and creams. We started with simple things like sugar and vinegar, coconut, and castor oils. We added botanicals like rosehips and chamomile. We experienced the benefits of plant-based, clean beauty and knew it had to be shared. By 2015, Sky Organics was born! 


What is your company’s mission?

Our mission is to make plant-derived and organic ingredients accessible to all. Every Sky Organics product is consciously made using responsibly sourced, good-for-you ingredients, and is tested by happy humans - never on animals.


Is Sky Organics Castor Oil good for hair growth?

Our Castor Oil is full of conditioning fatty acids that are essential for supporting stronger, healthier, and fuller-looking hair. We recommend scrolling through our reviews to see the results experienced by members of our community!


What is castor oil and where does it come from?

Castor Oil is a plant-based oil derived from Ricinus communis or Castor Oil plant that is found in tropical regions in India, South America, and Africa. 


What other benefits does castor oil have?

Castor Oil has emollient properties due to its high fatty acid content, which makes it a great conditioning product for hair and skin. It also has skin-soothing properties that help comfort and balance scalp dryness. Its strengthening properties make it incredibly popular for lashes and brows, as it helps conditions and supports a fuller appearance with long term use! 


What is the best way to apply the castor oil to your brows and lashes?

We recommend applying 1-2 drops of oil (a little goes a long way!) onto a clean cotton swab and wiping off excess before lightly brushing along the lash line and through the brows. For best results, be sure to apply it nightly. 


Is Organic Castor Oil for all skin types?

Yes! Castor Oil is ideal for all skin and hair types. Though if you’re going to use it on your skin, stick to body application only, as Castor Oil is too rich for application to the face. 


What are the benefits of cold pressing the castor oil?

Cold-pressing Castor Oil ensures that all its natural vitamins and nutrients remain intact – so you get all their beauty benefits! Processing oils through heat or chemical methods can deplete the quality of the oil and make it less effective.


What is your hero product?

Castor Oil is our hero product! It was one of the first ingredients in our collection, has continued to be a favorite among members of our community and beauty editors alike! 


What other products from your brand can you suggest?

Our Organic Jojoba Oil is an amazing addition not only to our Castor Oil for its moisturizing hair benefits, but also for use on the skin and body. It helps combat excess oil production to keep your skin feeling balanced and healthy. Combining it with our Organic Castor Oil or one of our Curl Care products like the Treatment Mask or Detangling Conditioner, will boost the scalp care benefits and keep hair shiny and soft.  


What’s next for Sky Organics?

There are all sorts of exciting launches in the works! Stay tuned for new plant-based hair care, oils, and more in the future! 


Each of our subscribers who get the June Box will get a full-size Organic Castor Oil. What is the one thing you want them to know?

We want Cocotique Subscribers to know that Castor Oil is such a beautiful ingredient on its own, with tons of amazing uses – but it also plays well with our Curl Care products! Adding the smallest amount (a little goes a very long way!) to our Detangling Conditioner, Treatment Mask, or Curl Cream will take the conditioning, hair boosting benefits to the next level. You can also apply Castor Oil as a pre-poo treatment directly on the scalp to support healthier hair right at the root! Just massage onto the scalp and leave on for 30 minutes (or overnight!) before shampooing out. We hope you enjoy it! 


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