Discover the Benefits of the Kale Trifecta

What is the Kale Trifecta you ask? The Kale Trifecta is a trio of kale skincare products from Reshma Beauty, including the Kale Face WashKale Scrub, and the Kale Peel Off Mask. If you are looking for a new skincare system that is full of vitamins and antioxidants to detoxify your skin, you will love this superfood skincare bundle from Reshma Beauty and 4 other products in the July Reshma Beauty Takeover Box. Read all about the features and benefits of these amazing skincare products and the properties of these cruelty-free and vegan facial cleansers. 


Reshma Beauty Kale Wash

We love the concept of the Kale Trifecta. What are the benefits of using the Kale Cleanser?

• Tightens pores
• Reduces dark circles
• Increases cell turnover
• Rejuvenating & brightening
• Helps prevent sun damage
• Promotes collagen production
• Detoxifying & illuminating properties

Reshma Beauty Kale Scrub


What are the key ingredients in the Kale Scrub?

The key ingredients found in the Kale Scrub are Kale Extract, Light Liquid Paraffin, and Glycerol. Kale Extract is used for its vitamin C, K, and A benefits. Light Liquid Paraffin is known for its treatment of dry skin - it is an emollient, which is a substance that softens and soothes the skin. Glycerol is used to help skin retain moisture - it acts as a humectant, which is a substance that allows the skin to retain moisture. All of these ingredients together make for a restorative combination. 


What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

The benefits of the Kale Scrub are uniquely formulated to support luminous skin. Our uber-indulgent scrub works like magic to brighten, exfoliate, and cleanse from head to toe. Rich in vitamins C, K, and A, this scrub promotes cell turnover, leaving skin even, radiant, and smooth. However, the benefits don’t stop there. The antioxidant properties assist in its pore-purifying benefits. Also, it’s non-comedogenic, which is a fancy way to say it is not likely to cause pore blockages (comedones) and breakouts. Yay!


Is the Kale Scrub gentle enough to use on the face and body?

Yes, this scrub is great to use on your body and gentle enough to use on your face! It’s the ultimate 2-in-1 that you know won’t let you down.


Is this for all skin types?

Yes, the Kale Scrub is good for all skin types. For normal skin types, exfoliating removes dead skin cells on the skin's surface, increasing the glow and brightness of your skin. For oily skin, it’s great because it helps break up impurities and wash them away. And for dry skin, scrubs rid the skin of buildup and dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking brighter, smoother, and healthier.


Is the Kale Scrub something that can be used daily?

When using the Kale Scrub, the recommended usage for exfoliating depends on your skin type. For normal to oily skin, the maximum of four days a week is the best for you. If your skin becomes dry or is naturally more on the drier side, stick to the one to two days a week range. If you’re a beginner to exfoliation, start easing into exfoliating with just one or two days a week, then slowly work your way up to no more than four days a week. Watch your skin carefully to make sure you are nourishing it well!


What can people expect after using?

After using the Kale Scrub, you can definitely expect to see a more even and radiant skin tone. This face and body scrub will leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated!


How soon will they see results?

Once you start using the Kale Scrub, the results will vary by each consumer. Try out the Kale Scrub and let us know how soon you start seeing a difference in your skin! We know you’ll be pleased with your results.

Reshma Beauty Kale Peel-Off Mask


What are the key ingredients in the Kale Peel Off Mask?

The key ingredients used in the Kale Peel Off Mask are Kale Extract, Glycerol, and Phenoxyethanol. Kale Extract is known for its vitamin C, K, and A benefits that give your skin a boosting glow. Glycerol is used to help skin retain moisture. It acts as a humectant, which is a substance that allows the skin to retain moisture. Lastly, Phenoxyenthanol works as a stabilizer for its antibacterial properties, and when used in combination with these other ingredients it aids in its effectiveness in reducing acne. 


What are the benefits of these ingredients?

There are numerous benefits to the Kale Peel-Off Mask, including:
• Detoxifying impurities from skin
• Cleansing and tightening pores
• Reducing the appearance of dark circles
• Stimulating healthy collagen production and cell regeneration
• Minimizing and removing blackheads
• Rejuvenating and boosting glow
• Infusing skin with Vitamins A, B, C, and K
• Repairing damaged and dry skin tissue


How should you incorporate the Kale Peel Off Mask in your existing skincare routine?

For best results, we would recommend incorporating the mask into your skincare routine about once a week. After cleansing your face with the Kale Face Wash, apply the mask evenly, avoiding the eye area. Leave it on to dry for about 15-20 minutes - watch a movie, do some yoga, or make chocolate chip cookies (my plan), then peel off gently in an upward motion. It’s a fun and easy mask-night to look forward to!


Is this for all skin types?

The Kale Peel Off Mask is recommended for all skin types, because every skin type can benefit from the healing and exfoliating powers of Kale! Normal skin types will see brighter, smoother skin and clearer pores. For oily skin, the peel off mask will sop up excess oil that you can peel away. Lastly, for dry skin, the peel-off mask will work to remove excess skin leaving a smooth and bright complexion.


How soon can you see results after using the Kale Peel-Off Mask? 

How soon consumers see results vary by each use and their skin type. We love to see how your process is going, so please share your journey to @reshmabeauty and we can follow your skin evolution. 


Can you use the Kale Face Wash, Peel Off Mask, and the Scrub together?

Yes, the Kale Face Wash, Kale Peel Off Mask, and the Kale Scrub work so well together! When you incorporate all three into your routine together, we call it the Kale Trifecta!

Start with the Kale Face Wash to cleanse away the dirt and oil from your skin. 

Follow with the Kale Scrub to exfoliate your skin and help it breathe. 

Lastly, finish off the trio with the Kale Peel-Off Mask to repair skin tissue and boost your kale-supported glow. Perfecto!

What are your suggestions on using these kale products together?

You should definitely make this superfood a part of your skincare regimen as much as possible. The trio cleansing process should follow the 60 second rule. So, use the face wash for 60 seconds, then rinse off with warm water. Follow immediately with the scrub to exfoliate gently for 60 seconds. Pat your face dry and apply the peel-off mask. Let it sit for about 15-20 minutes, or until dry. Peel-off in an upward motion, rinse off any excess spots, and finish with a cold rinse on your face to seal off the pores.

What can women expect after using this trifecta? 

By using this trifecta, you can expect to see a more even skin tone, stronger skin elasticity, and a smoother, more radiant complexion with reduced appearance of dark circles and rejuvenated skin. The natural ingredients found in Reshma Beauty’s Kale Trio are high in nutrients to enrich your skin for the best results.

For those who get the Reshma Beauty July Takeover Box will get a full-size Kale Face Wash, Kale Body Scrub, and a Kale Peel Off Mask. What is thing you want them to know?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and much like our lungs internally absorb the particulates of the air we breathe, our skin externally absorbs notable amounts of every substance through the pores and follicles of its surface. When you put kale on your skin, it not only absorbs all of Kale’s vitamins and minerals, but it also detoxifies your skin, which helps clear breakouts. Therefore, to maximize the healing and healthful attributes of superfood kale, we recommend eating the superfood in addition to using it topically in your regular skincare regimen. 


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