Palmer’s has done it again with their new Cocoa Butter & Biotin Length Retention collection that addresses dry damaged hair while focusing on growth and length retention. This collection is multi-layered with key ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Biotin and Quinoa that are all designed to treat and nourish your scalp and hair. In addition to all of the other great beauty and wellness products in the February Box, we’ve also included 5 full size products from this new line that will help you get your hair back on track especially if you have any damage from lack of moisture or over processing from heat. You will love how soft and shiny your hair will look and feel after using these incredible products. Find out why this haircare system is for you.
You’ll enjoy this cleaning experience. Even though, this is a sulfate and silicone free shampoo, it thoroughly, but gently cleanses your hair from root to tip leaving your hair and scalp nourished and moisturized. This important first step addresses breakage, damage and split ends by adding moisture to your hair with one of its key ingredients, Cocoa Butter. Also made with Biotin and Quinoa Protein to encourage hair growth and protection to prevent the hair shaft from any breakage.
After cleaning your hair with the Cocoa Butter & Biotin Length Retention Shampoo, you’ll want to follow up with their sulfate and silicone free conditioner. This rich and moisturizing conditioner’s key ingredients says it all. Your hair will greatly benefit from the second layer of these key ingredients that are also in the conditioner, as it will soak up the Cocoa Butter that will soften and protect your hair from dryness and over-processing. Biotin will support your hair’s healthy growth, while the Quinoa Protein will protect your hair.
The best leave-in ever! Yeesss, thank you Palmer’s for this incredible moisturizing detangler that works on split ends, softens the hair and leaves your hair super shiny. Also made with quinoa to protect the hair from heat and prevent breakage. And there’s no need to worry any about sulfates or silicones, they don’t exist in this leave in.
2 Step Hair Mask
In addition to the basic foundations of this Cocoa Butter & Biotin Length Retention line, we have also included a 2 Step Hair Mask treatment that is free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten, dyes, and silicone. Step 1 is a Deep Conditioning Mask that deep conditions and moisturizes your hair leaving it super soft. Next, you’ll want to follow up with Step 2 to seal in the moisture. This Protective Glaze is incredible, not to mention again that it is silicone free will allow your hair to fully absorb all of its the key ingredients.
Shine Glaze Serum
If you have dry and unmanageable hair, this finishing product is for you. Made with sustainable Coco Butter, this Shine Glaze Serum will deeply nourish your hair and scalp locking in moisture for both your hair and scalp leaving your hair soft and shiny. You will also appreciate how this product is free from Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Gluten, Dyes, and Silicones. You can use this styling product alone or as a follow up if you are going for the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Cocoa Butter & Biotin Length Retention experience. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these products. Let us know your favorites or if you have a special routine. Log in or sign up and tell us what you think and earn your COCOHearts today!