Discover Arganatural Firming Coconut Collagen Shower Gel

Are you looking to naturally firm and contour your skin without the high price tag? Now you can have an inexpensive spa-like experience with the full-size Firming Collagen Coconut Shower Gel from Arganatural in the May Box. Not only does this shower gel smell amazing, but it’s also infused with an age-defying collagen complex to naturally firm and contour your skin. Find out all you need to know about this smooth replenishing shower gel, how important collagen is to the skin, and Arganatural’s brand standards and commitments to clean beauty.    


What is Arganatural’s clean beauty promise? 

All our products are crafted with consciously selected ingredients to restore and maintain the natural beauty of your hair and skin. We are proudly free of phthalates, formaldehyde, added colorants, and harsh chemicals. In addition to being 100% cruelty free, every single one of our products is made in the USA using recyclable materials.


As a brand, you are committed to clean beauty. What does that mean exactly? 

As family-oriented people and animal lovers, we are committed to being completely cruelty-free and using the safest, most naturally derived ingredients possible. We support our communities and source only from local vendors to deliver functional, effective, better-for-you beauty products.


What are your brand standards? 

We hand-pick each ingredient for its purity, quality, and natural efficacy.  In addition to being made right here in the USA, our formulas are 100% cruelty free and never contain harsh or damaging chemicals. We strive to create consciously formulated products that are infused with the very best of nature & science for a naturally beautiful you, from head to toe.


What inspired you to create an anti-aging shower gel? 

As a manufacturer specializing in functional skincare, we noticed there was no new innovation in the body category in the beauty world. We quickly recognized a unique white space that we could fill by incorporating the core functional skincare ingredients into our shower gels.


What are the key ingredients in the Firming Collagen Coconut Shower Gel? 

Collagen Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil. 


What are the benefits of these key ingredients? 

These ingredients provide necessary nutrients and moisture to the skin to improve hydration levels and overall appearance. 


Why is collagen so important for the skin? 

Collagen is a major component of the skin -- one of the main proteins that make it up. It supports the firmness and elasticity skin needs to move and function healthily.  


What can women expect after using the Firming Collagen Coconut Shower Gel? 

A luxurious shower experience that leaves her skin feeling soft, hydrated and nourished with the added benefits of clinical skincare for younger looking skin over time. 


What other products from your Arganatural can you suggest after using the shower gel? 

To enhance the age-defying benefits of our shower gels, we recommend following up with our Arganatural Tightening Retinol Lotion, which you can find on Amazon as one of their top selling products!


Is the Firming Collagen Coconut Shower Gel for all skin types? 



What other scents does your shower gel come in? 

Besides the warm coconut scent of our Firming Collagen shower gel, our Brightening Vitamin C shower gel has a lush, mangosteen fragrance, and the Age Defying Retinol comes in a fresh, floral scent. 


What’s next for Arganatural? 

We currently have 3 top-selling hair care ranges and are getting ready to launch brand new hair masks to those collections!


For those who get the May Box they will receive a full bottle of the Firming Collagen Coconut Shower Gel (retail value of $6.97). What is the one thing you want them to know? 

Our shower gel creates an age-defying lather that leaves your skin looking smooth and supple. 

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