COCOTIQUE Approved Alternatives to Makeup Remover Wipes

Start doing things today that your skin will thank you for later. One of the top things you can do to combat premature aging is to stop using harsh makeup removers. COCOTIQUE has found 2 sustainable makeup remover options that are perfect for removing stubborn makeup and leaving your skin clean and soft. Studies prove that sleeping in your makeup prevents your skin from renewing overnight. As you sleep, makeup that remains on your skin will sink deeper into your pores, causing them to clog. Heavily congested pores can lead to breakouts which none of us want to experience. Despite being extremely convenient; some makeup wipes are bad for your skin and environment and are not specifically manufactured as skin cleansers. Using the Afterspa and Daily Concepts makeup removers from the May Box are a more effective way of removing makeup without ruining your skin, disrupting your skin’s pH level, and eliminating any unnecessary tugging. These products are also more sustainable for our environment and can be thrown in the wash after every use.

AFTERSPA Amazing Mini Makeup Remover

Being able to swap out a pack of makeup remover wipes for one mini soft makeup remover seems like the perfect solution to all of your carry-on troubles. Plan to pack lighter for your next vacation as well as contribute to the brand’s sustainability practices, all while maintaining healthy glowing skin. The fabric on the Afterspa Amazing Mini Makeup Remover is extremely soft, reusable, and machine washable. To remove 100% of your makeup, simply soak, squeeze, and then proceed to remove makeup. Another great thing about this super-soft makeup remover is that it is ideal for all skin types. We hope that you will enjoy this mini makeup remover as much as we do. 

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Daily Concepts Reusable Rounds

If you’re adamant about saving the planet and making the world a better place, DAILY CONCEPTS Reusable Rounds are one of our top picks. Vegan and cruelty free—these reusable makeup remover rounds help cut down on cotton waste to remove your makeup. The rounds are also machine washable and perfect for travel. There is no reason why your skin has to suffer from using harsh makeup removers. A full-size pack comes with 2 eye makeup removers and 3 face makeup removers, along with a washable laundry bag that can also be used for storage. Use one of these gentle, reusable, and machine washable makeup removers today. 

Prolonged face wipe usage can lead to dehydration, stripping the skin’s natural oil content and changing the pH levels of the skin. However, without having an effective cleansing routine in place, over time, skin will become more lined, wrinkled, slack, and dull. If this information has not been enough to convince you that face wipes aren’t the way forward, then trying the AFTERSPA Amazing Mini Makeup Remover and Daily Concepts Reusable Rounds may give you the push you need. They remove your makeup and are great for your skin and the environment. 


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