Crystal Powell:

At COCOTIQUE, we believe in the spirit of beauty through confidence, grace and optimism. In our COCOBlogger series, we feature women who exude those things through their personal brands, and have them share their favorite beauty and fashion secrets. In this post we present Crystal Powell: Editor-in-Chief, Kinky Hair Affair.

In 3 to 4 sentences, please tell us about yourself and your blog?

My name is Crystal Powell, and I am a graphic designer and the blogger behind Kinky Hair Affair, which is basically my diary documenting my natural hair journey. Any and everything I do or use in my hair is pretty much found here. Through my experiences, my goal is to help out or inspire others who are natural or considering the transition.

What separates you from other bloggers?

As a blogger, I try not to talk AT my readers, but talk to my readers. Yes, I have learned a lot through my journey, but I don’t know everything, and I don’t want to come off as if I do. I am very personable in my writing and very engaging on social media. I love talking to others and learning from them and their experiences.

Please describe your natural hair and tell me the one product you cannot live without.

My natural hair is kinky. I don’t know my hair type, but I do know my hair is very tightly coiled on the sides and back of my head, and my hair at the top is loosely curled. One product I can’t live without is the Aunt Jackie’s Knot on My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy. This stuff is heaven sent! Detangling, which is normally a hot mess, is a breeze with this product.

What has been your proudest blogging moment to date?

My proudest blogging moment to date is having my readers and followers express how much my blog has inspired them in their own natural hair journeys. I can’t ask for anything better than that really, especially since my blog only started out as a hobby.

What are a few of the often-overlooked rewards and pitfalls of blogging?

I think an overlooked reward of blogging is the relationships that are developed. I have met some amazing people and have been given opportunities that I never foresaw when I started blogging. I haven’t really encountered any pitfalls in blogging.

If you had 2 hours to pick out an outfit from head to toe, where would you shop and why?

Target and Nine West. Nine West is always my go to shoe store. #bigfeetproblems.

What is the one bit of advice you would give to all women?

Always be true to yourself. People are always going to have something to say, but once you embrace your beauty and imperfections, none of that crap matters.

What are 3 products in your ultimate beauty arsenal and why?

EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm – great natural lip balm
Yes To Tomatoes Skin Clearing Facial Mask – clears blemishes and pores
Coconut Oil – great moisturizer for skin and sealant for my hair

What cosmetic ingredient(s) do you avoid and why?

I try to avoid any product with parabens in it. I’m just not feeling the exposure to cancer-causing agents. I’m good.

Do you have a Sunday night or weekend beauty ritual? If yes, what is it?

Sundays are typically my hair washing and styling days. That’s it.

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