Chenoa Maxwell

Actress and photographer, Chenoa Maxwell, is one fourth of our COCOBelle of the Month feature with the cast of OWN’s Love in the City. Her first foray into the spotlight came with her memorable leading role in the Miramax Films cult classic, Hav Plenty. She continued to take on projects on the big and small screens like "The Great Gatsby"-inspired film G, and the CW Network’s Girlfriends. Chenoa studied the art of photography at Central Saint Martin's College of Arts and Design in London, and is the embodiment of Living Limitlessly™, as well as creator/executive producer and host of the talk series, Closet Talk™.

We were thrilled to get the opportunity to learn about some of the projects Chenoa has worked on in the past year, why she decided to enter the world of reality television, what she hopes you’ll learn from Love in the City—and of course, what she keeps in her Ultimate Beauty Arsenal.

You're best known for acting roles in Hav Plenty and G, as well as on Girlfriends and For Your Love. Tell us about some of the projects you've worked on since those roles.

Since those roles, which seem like ages ago, I've been extremely busy doing lots of really interesting and creative projects. Just to give you an idea of how amazing life has been, last year alone was jammed packed on so many fronts:

I co-starred in this really fun and quirky short film along with Robinne Lee (Being Mary Jane & Hav Plenty) and KeKe Palmer (Crazy Sexy Cool: TLC Story) where I got to finally exercise my comedy skills.

I created/executive produced and I host the much anticipated talk series, Closet Talk, where I invite celebrity guests into the cozy comfort of my much-coveted closet, guiding them through topics about their lives, passions and secrets.

I photographed the infamous and rarely captured photographer, Annie Leibovitz; and legendary sex expert, Dr. Ruth.

I had a hugely successful solo photo exhibit which was a fully interactive digital experience entitled, “Leaders of the New Cool” in NYC.

I designed a fun sweets spot in NYC's booming Harlem called CARVIN'S MINI DONUTS opening this spring.

Why did you decide to make a foray into reality television?
Actually, I never thought I'd ever do a reality show. But, when the opportunity to potentially inspire lives, with the Oprah brand behind you comes along, it's something you just cannot say no to.

What was your favorite thing about filming with your good friends?
That I got to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity with my friends that forced us to grow exponentially, uncover real issues which we sometimes rather glaze over, and do it all in the most fantastic city in the world.

We've heard that this reality show will be about more than women fighting each other and throwing things--but that it will be about love and support. What else do you hope that women watching will take from the show?
That being vulnerable is where self-love begins; that there's power in truth; and that finding YOUR angle can happen at any moment. That's when you truly begin to Live Limitlessly!

Tell us about your hair and beauty routine. Did you have to change up your daily regimen, knowing the cameras would be following you?
Well…normally I don't wear make-up on a daily basis, so I'd say that was the biggest change in my daily routine while the cameras were following me.

What 3 beauty products are in what we like to call your ‘Ultimate Beauty Arsenal’--those 3 things that you absolutely can't live without?
Especially because I travel so much, these three items are must haves: ReVive Skin Moisturizing Renewal Cream, Nars Easy Lover Lip Gloss, and a jar of good 'ole Vaseline.

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