Inside the Brand: Jones & Rose

Jones & Rose is a boutique line of natural body care products, intended to hydrate and nourish thirsty skin using moisturizing butters, plant oils and mineral rich botanicals. Named for two sisters: Jones ​ (pictured above)​,​ who has a background in chemistry; and Rose who is formally educated in theatre at Julliard ​--​the line represents the notion that not everyone has the same needs. Their​ ​ products are infused with signature fragrances to leave you smelling as wonderful as you’ll feel. Made for both men and women, Jones & Rose desires for their products to give you a “sexy skin + sultry glow experience”. Read on to learn more about how the brand got its start and the products you can use to create an at-home spa experience.

What inspired the start of the Jones & Rose line of products?
I have always had a love for the beauty industry and my first corporate job was for a Fortune 500 Company that created global beauty brands. With my degree in Chemistry, I became more aware of the amazing benefits of natural based ingredients used by cultures around the globe. Becoming more health conscious, I made some lifestyle changes and discovered my love for using natural based products but was challenged by many of the fragrances. I then decided to take a leap of faith, take a package with my job and embark on creating my own line of products out of my kitchen. My goal was to create products that nourished, moisturized, and helped preserve one’s beauty while infusing enticing fragrances to leave one feeling beautiful. I understood that everyone doesn’t have the same needs--just as my sister Rose and I were very different in personalities, liked different activities and possessed different fashion styles (she is formally educated in theatre at Julliard). So I decided to create a line that encompassed both of our personalities. Hence, Jones and Rose, named by our mother Barbara, was created. The line focuses on using natural ingredients and fragrances in product form that are functional and deliver on results but leave one feeling beautiful, sexy, sultry and moisturized.

Why was it important that they be made of natural ingredients?
The use of natural ingredients was important to me because I wanted customers to feel comfortable knowing what they were really using on their skin. Natural ingredients have been used globally for years, and since I understand their innate benefits--whether it’s ranging from an ultra- moisturizing Shea Butter used by African cultures to the skin nourishing Coconut Oil used by Brazilians--I wanted to capture the essence of these natural ingredients and create products that moisturized, nourished, and preserved the skin. Additionally, it was important that though our products are very functional in nature, we infused essential custom blended fragrances to leave one feeling beautiful.

Our subscribers will have the pleasure of trying a sample of your Sexy Body Butter, of which there are several delicious fragrances. Tell us about how you chose the scents you would use in them?
Our Sexy Body Butter is heavily concentrated with organic butters and moisturizing oils to deliver on the skin benefits and it was important that we offer it in a variety of fragrances. We chose our Pink Petals fragrance (for COCOTIQUE subscribers) since we have transitioned into spring and summer is soon upon us. Pink Petals is a soft fragrance enchanted with notes of raspberry and strawberry but heightened with essences of sweet cotton candy. It’s light enough that it can be paired with a perfume, which will create a slightly sweet sensory experience, or it can be worn alone.

Out of all your skin and body care products, which has been your best selling to date?
This is a difficult question as our products are created to nourish the skin for different seasons as well as different texture preferences. Since I have to choose one, I would say that our customers really love our Sugar Scrubs--even though our customers love the Sexy Body Butter as well. With one use of the scrub, you see and feel a difference in your skin. Just the pure application of organic Caribbean Sugar Cane Crystals--that have basically been marinating in skin nourishing oils infused with purely enchanting fragrances—all over the body, creates a spa like experience at home. I like to say that it’s the Black Dress approved product and gives you sexy skin + sultry glow. Once you try it, you want to be seen or touched.

Which products could consumers use to create a refreshing, renewing spring cocktail for their bodies?
Oooh, I love the idea of creating a skin cocktail. I live for layering products that scent harmonize. Layering of products and fragrances creates a unique experience for each customer. I would recommend first cleansing the skin with our Moisturizing Shower Gels: (they are) sensitive to the skin but cleanse thoroughly, and are offered in various fragrances. On a weekly basis, I would incorporate one of our Sugar Scrubs, where our Caribbean Sugar Cane Granules work overtime to buff away dull winter skin, while the oil component nourishes and moisturizes the skin. For daily moisturizing, now that we’re revealing more skin, the Sexy Body Butter, Body Gloss or Sweet Oil are all great ways to keep the skin moisturized all day without feeling heavy. All three are concentrated so not much is needed.

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