4 Ways to Make Your Beauty Routines More Spiritual

By GG Renee

It’s all connected.

Our thoughts. Our movements and creativity. How we take care of our bodies, homes, and relationships. Everything is spiritual. Living with this perspective centers us and helps us find more pleasure and purpose in everything we do.

Self-care and beauty routines are extremely important to a woman’s overall sense of femininity and well-being. So when we approach these habits spiritually, with the intention of feeding our hearts and souls -- as well as caring for our outer layers -- we can create nurturing experiences for ourselves that become an integral part of our spiritual practice.

My beauty routines are sacred. If I don’t carve out time for myself, I feel out of sorts and neglected. We all have so many responsibilities and people waiting on us for this and that. We deserve to steal time away to love on ourselves. I’ve got a few ways to make your self-care practices more spiritual and I dare you to not feel like a goddess after trying them out.

Taking a Shower. This simple act, when done mindfully, can be a healing, restoring process. Too often we just rush through it so we can get back to what we're doing. Make time so you can slow down and indulge in caring for your temple. Start by brushing your entire body with a dry brush, always stroking the brush towards the middle core of your body. This removes dry skin and is said to stimulate your lymphatic system, increase circulation and reduce cellulite by removing toxins. Sprinkle some essential oil onto the floor of the shower (out of the water stream) to create a natural aromatherapy effect. My favorites for shower time are lavender or anything citrus. As you wash your body, lose yourself in the sensations of fragrance and touch and marvel at how blessed you are. This is not just a shower, this is an escape. Let yourself be carried away.

Styling Your Crown. Every time you style your hair, start by massaging your scalp. You can accentuate the experience by using an essential oil like tea tree or you can use your bare fingertips. Visualize any tension or stress being massaged out of your head and out of your body. Conjure up images that make you feel calm and peaceful. When you move on to styling your hair, be gentle with your strands. Appreciate the texture of your hair and work with it, not against it. Think about how your hair reflects your personality and say positive affirmations to yourself as you comb, brush and style.


Adorning Yourself. Our accessories, our make-up, what clothes we choose to wear – all these things are connected to our authenticity. Your body is a canvas and you essentially wear different combinations of art every day to show the world who you are. Adorning yourself according to your mood helps keep you in alignment with your spirit. Dress confidently based on how you want to feel. Charge yourself with positive energy by being thankful for how you look and what you have. Cast out any feelings of lack or inadequacy that may linger in your mind.

Deep Breathing. Before you finish your routine and step back out into the world, take a few moments to breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Clear your mind. Repeat your favorite bible verse or quote to yourself.

Beauty is so much more than just looking good or getting compliments. Think of all the things you do to care for yourself and feel pretty as self-nurturing habits, essential aspects of your spirituality. A woman who is in touch with herself this way exudes grace and confidence and inspires others with her presence.

GG Renee is an independent author, a creativity coach, a feeler and an overthinker. She writes for the crazy beautiful complex free creative inspired love drunk woman who relishes her quiet time and believes in miracles. Blog // Twitter // Instagram