Jeanine Hays: 10 Things to Pamper Her Soul

Jeanine Hays is the Creative Director & Founder of AphroChic, a home décor company that produces modern and sustainable pillows, wallpaper, table linens and organic shower curtains; and the author of REMIX: Decorating with Culture, Objects and Soul. She is the voice behind AphroChic’s popular design blog, and contributes regularly to HGTV, the DIY Network, Houzz, Homesessive and Keep. We asked the home décor expert to share a few of the items that keep her feeling “perfectly pampered” amidst her hectic schedule.

  1. Candlelight: Illume Gilded Amberleaf Candle. The fragrance smells like a fall day, and the glass jar is beautiful.

  2. Tea: Kusmi St. Petersburg Tea. Bryan and I first tried it in Paris and became hooked. One cup and I'm immediately relaxed.

  3. As a designer, it's always important to have functional and comfortable accessories. These blankets from D. Bryant Archie are perfect: Amaleah Blanket

  4. Music: Emile Sande, Our Version of Events. Her song Wonder is so uplifting.

  5. I write in my journal almost every night. It keeps me grounded: Polka dot journal

  6. When I'm on the move, I keep track of my personal goals on my phone with the Everest app.

  7. Visiting museums. My husband and I love to stop by MoCADA when we're in Brooklyn. I love exploring contemporary art throughout the Diaspora.

  8. polka_dot_journal_black
  9. Exploring art and design books is a favorite pastime. I want to be constantly inspired. Always having a current of inspiration in my life keeps my soul fed. Right now I'm loving the imagery in Malick Sidibe's book.

  10. Comfort food: the carrot cake donut from Doughnut Plant in Chelsea. So yummy!

  11. And the most relaxing thing I do every day to pamper my soul is to spend time with the one I love - my husband, Bryan Mason.