Victoria England: A Business That Makes Good Scents

Tulip Perfume: A Business That Makes Good Scents | Behind the Brand with Mixologist Victoria England

You started out making hand-crafted natural products for friends and family. At what moment did you know you could turn your hobby into a successful business?

I got to the point where nothing else in my life felt as right as making bath and beauty products. I was the most happy and "myself" when engrossed in one of my body care/ fragrance projects. Once I started visualizing the business it wouldn't stop. The ideas came freely and so did the drive to continue and succeed. I feel as women we are all capable of many achievements in our lifetimes. Some of us have children and then start to be creative; some don't and start their journeys earlier. The common thread is that women are incredibly creative—it’s just about each of us tapping into ourselves to find the answer to "what makes me the happiest".

What were the first 5 steps you took to bring your business to fruition?

I took some small business workshops at a local small business development center called SBDC in Eureka, CA. In this process I was able to map out a business plan, then started networking, creating and continuing to dream!

What are the three most important ingredients for a successful business?

I feel like customer service is extremely important. As the owner of Tulip I personally call people back to answer questions. I feel like when they talk with me they feel so taken care of and inspired by the things I talk about with regard to my business. Another important thing for my business has been the ability to network and talk to people. And last but not least NEVER GIVE UP. You won't achieve your goals if you give up! I used "The Secret" to reach my goals so far and I continue to do so. I have a vision board that helps me visualize the things I want to happen for my business. The Secret can be found in book or DVD form.

What should a woman’s fragrance say about her?

Your fragrance should tell people a little about your character. If you are set on Vanilla scents then others will know that and when they smell something with Vanilla, they will think of you. Coco Chanel said "A woman that doesn't wear perfume has no future". I believe this because smelling lovely, whether it is Coco Chanel Mademoiselle or Coconut by Tulip, leaves a lasting impression on others. It says that you take the time to add a little extra each day to yourself and that makes you more valuable. A spritz of perfume makes you that much more attractive to others as well--another lasting impression.

Do you believe every woman should have a signature fragrance, or is it better to change it up from time to time?

Coco Chanel is my inspiration and another thing she used to say is, "The best color for you is the one you are wearing". I personally switch up my fragrances all of the time because I am constantly creating new scents and I like to see what others think of my creations. I do however have a few signature scents that I never let myself run out of. Friends always tease me when I wear designer perfume because I am so focused around natural perfumes. I remind them that I have nothing against the big perfume companies--I just prefer to make something more natural. I would say that it’s important to keep a signature scent but don't be afraid to try new things, even a scent for each season is a start!

What are some of your favorite scents?

I wear quite a few men’s fragrances actually. Burberry Touch for Men! I have a big bottle on my vanity. It is one of my favorites. I love Herrera for Men! I also love Terranova's Tiare Lei which is like being in Kauai. And CK One!

And of course, I usually wear my own fragrances: Amber Vanilla Bean and Mandarin Peony are my favorites!

Why is connection with nature a vital part of life?

I have to be connected with nature to survive. I could never live in the city. I live where mountains meet raging rivers that flow into the rugged Pacific Northwest Ocean waters. I live in the majestic Redwood Trees that are 1,000 years old! I understand not everyone can live here or have access to these wonders but I appreciate things as simple as watching a bird in a tree, and wondering: what is he doing? Where is he going?; respecting all life on our planet so that we can live in harmony; and taking time to breathe in clean air and hear the cleansing rain hit the pavement.

When the wind blows, watch the trees and flowers sway. The spiritual connection we can have with nature covers all realms of religious backgrounds. Our planet is our mother, here to protect and feed us. It is so important we do the same for her. If each of us can become more connected to her then I believe we can live happier lives.

What small steps can anyone take today in the direction of a more holistic approach to living?

Taking a holistic approach simply means to treat things or look at things as a whole rather than in parts. Let’s look at one example: how we want our skin to look. Rather than focusing just on the skin itself, we need to look at what affects our skin: our liver health, hydration, hormonal balancing, our stress levels and what our skin is exposed to on the surface.

In general, for holistic living, we can start with how we live as a whole, with our planet in mind. Turn off your water when you are brushing your teeth! The first time I did this it was because I imagined all of that water going to waste and thought of all of the children in third world countries dying of thirst, literally. Know your farmer! Ask where your produce comes from, and if it is organic. It will be that much fresher if it comes from a local source. Grow your own food too! It’s incredibly easy to have our own gardens. Even in the city! You can get one of those garden towers that produce food all year round. Recycle! Take herbs! If you don't feel well, make teas! ALL digestive health issues stem from diet and lifestyle. You can cure yourself with good food, water and exercise. Find a Naturopath and an Acupuncturist for preventative health care. This list can go on and on but you get the general idea. :)

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