Ultimate Beauty Arsenal: Meet Anguilla's Sexy Bass Playing Pastry Chef!

She is to the bass what Sheila E is to the drums - fierce, sexy and talented! To watch this island beauty, also a trained pastry chef, perform on stage is nothing like you will ever see again in your lifetime.

Photocredit: Mike Powell Photocredit: Mike Powell

A member of Anguillan Band, British Dependency, Joyah oozes sex appeal both on and off stage. A self taught bass player, her talent is not something she takes for granted and that is evident every time she picks up “Ras Red I” the moniker she uses for her red bass guitar. What is unique about this firecracker is that she is a chic tomboy by day and a femme fatale by night. Her sensuality is evident in her very stylish wardrobe, the care she takes in styling and caring for her natural tress and beautiful glowing skin.

But how does she maintain such healthy looking hair and skin under make-up and the heat and humidity that comes with living in the tropics? Read on to find out what products are apart of her ultimate beauty arsenal.

Photocredit: Keiroy Browne Photocredit: Keiroy Browne

Hair: Hair Crack by Mel's Butter Blends and Black Seed Oil. I am a sister who lives in the tropics so I have to keep my mane nourished and moisturized.

Makeup: Thanks to Kayla by Buxom I now have a thing for my lips. I get so excited to glide her on and then go about my day with my lips on fleek. Yum!

Skin care:
Baking soda. Nothing exfoliates and detoxifies like it. It's actually one of my biggest must have beauty arsenal.

Nails: I am a newbie to manicures. I always get my feet done but never thought it was necessary for my hands since I play the bass guitar. But Ceejay's Beauty Bar in Anguilla made me a sucker for manicures. She always hooks me up with a high-end design on gel polish with the infamous decked out pinky.

Photocredit: Josveek Huligar Photocredit: Josveek Huligar

Fragrance: I am more into fragrance oils than perfumes. Some of my favorites are Black Woman, Eat it Raw and Lick Me All Over.

Beauty Indulgence: Facial massages. Nothing sweet so and with the right set of hands like Louis Prices’ from J.C.R.C Anguilla.

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