Top 5 Moisture-Rich Products For Healthier And Happier Hair

Warmer temperatures can definitely impact your hair in many ways. If you notice a change in how your hair feels or it looks super dry and dull, it may need some extra tender love and care. All types of heat can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to frizz. The best way to combat these changes is to add more moisture to your hair. These COCOTIQUE-approved moisture-rich products will not disappoint. Check out some of the common problems that heat can have on your hair and our list top 5 products that can be your go-to solution to help your hair defend from all kinds of heat damage: 

  • Intensified Hydration: Sun exposure, swimming in chlorine or salt water, and even air conditioning can all dry out your hair. Deep conditioning replenishes lost moisture, leaving your hair soft, supple, and manageable.
  • Improved Elasticity: Moisture-rich treatments and conditioners are packed with ingredients that strengthen hair strands, making them more elastic and less prone to breakage from summer activities like swimming or hairstyling.
  • Heat Damage Protection: Hot weather often leads to more heat styling with blow dryers and straighteners. Moisture-rich treatments can act as a protective barrier, minimizing heat damage and keeping your hair healthier.
  • Reduced Frizz: Frizz is a common enemy in humid summer weather. Deep conditioning, hot oil treatments, and bonding oils can help smooth the hair cuticle, which reduces frizz and flyaways, leaving you with sleeker, more manageable hair.
  • Enhanced Shine: Masks and deep conditioners often contain ingredients like oils and butters that add shine to your hair. This is especially welcome during the summer when hair can look dull from sun exposure.

COCOTIQUE-Approved Moisture-Rich Products

  1. Palmer’s Amino Bonding Complex Hair Oil in the April Box

  2. Olori Damage Be Gone Deep Conditioning and Restorative Treatment in the January Box

  3. TGIN Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner in the December Box
  4. Hobe Labs Energizer Hot Jojoba Oil Treatment in the December Box
  5. Urban Alchemy Signature Revitalizing Mask in the December Box

So, if you're looking to keep your hair healthy and happy from all kinds of heat exposure, incorporating more moisture into your hair care routine is a must!