Tiana Franklin: nominated by ciara Chanel

Tiana’s Story:

Hello! My name is Tiana Franklin. My sister Ciara nominated me for the contest you guys had on Facebook. I'm extremely proud of her for nominating me. As much as I try to stay humble, I have gone through a bit in life. Early on in life, we were part of a messy divorce that resulted with my siblings and I being homeless for a while.
Growing up I wanted to make sure that my mother and siblings had nothing but the best. I did all I could, from working many jobs to support my mother from afar, to driving my sister Ciara to her job interviews. I did all I could in between my million jobs to make sure she was OK. It was never about me, only the well being of my loved ones. Currently I coach elementary kids tennis, work in retail, and I also work as an Extended Day Assistant and a substitute preschool teacher for the school district. It's a lot, haha, but I want to show my siblings and students that they can achieve anything through hard work, as well as being kind, humble and never forgetting the hard obstacles that you stumble upon. It's just another chapter in your book of life.