The Convenience of Dissolvable Whitening Strips

The Convenience of Dissolvable Whitening Strips

Dissolvable whitening strips offer a unique and convenient option for oral health and brightening your smile. If you are looking for a new and improved way to whiten your teeth, then you are going to love the Dual Action Dissolvable Teeth Whitening Strips with HAP3 from Origin Instants in the January Box. These must-have whitening strips are quick and simple to use on the go. They are also made with less peroxide, which protects against sensitivity. You will also love how discreet these dissolving oral strips are. Compared to traditional whitening methods, Origin Instants offers several advantages like mess-free convenience and effective targeted application. Find out more about this unique company, their revolutionary technology, and how to use these on-the-go friendly Dissolvable Whitening Strips.

How did Origin Instants get its start?

A spin off from Devro - product development and manufacturers of edible thin films. We saw an opportunity with this dissolvable technology to set up a specialist unit to create and manufacture fast dissolving thin films for use in teeth whitening strips.

We really love the concept of your dissolvable whitening strip. What inspired the Origin Instants Pack?

From our home in Scotland, we set out on a mission to develop a simple teeth whitening solution that protects against sensitivity and delivers superior, safer results. We achieved this with our unique HAP3 formula and dissolving strip technology, to bring people a brighter way to rejuvenate their teeth.

What is the HAP3Technology?

A closer look at the Unique HAP3 formulation: P3 and HA together make for happy teeth - or as we like to call it HAP3

Active ingredient - P3

  • P3 enhances teeth whitening capability by changing the PH so the active ingredient is more effective, yet gentle on teeth.
  • Stain removal and prevention- P3 binds to the stain, for removal and prevents stains forming - cumulative use gives better stain prevention over time to combat smoke, red wine and coffee.

Active ingredient HA (Hydroxyapatite)

  • HA is a natural mineral that makes up 97% of tooth enamel
  • Reduces sensitivity and protects tooth enamel against plaque - sensitivity is also linked to lack of enamel

How safe are Dual Action Dissolvable Teeth Whitening Strips with HAP3s for the enamel and gums? 

Like all whitening products, you should avoid contact with your gums, but as you can see, our HAP3 formulation reduces any sensitivity and actually protects tooth enamel. 

What are the key ingredients in the Origin Instants pack?

Our unique HAP3 formulation, as well as premium strength Hydrogen Peroxide and great tasting peppermint

What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

  1. Superior Performance versus leading brand.

Consumer study shows 37% Faster and superior whitening vs. leading white strip in a study comparing Premium strength HAP3 technology vs leading white strip observed after 10 days. 

  1. Convenience (Apply and go - anytime, anywhere).

Dissolving strips add no extra time to your routine.

  1. Less tooth sensitivity,
controlled dose and application time, means you cannot exceed time on teeth. And our unique HAP3 technology is gentle and protects teeth enamel.
  1. Dissolving strips means less waste and therefore better for the environment.
  1. Great peppermint taste.

How do you use the Origin Instants strips?

  1. Remove the strip from sachet using dry hands.
  1. Moisten upper teeth with your tongue.
  1. Firmly apply either  side of strip to teeth, lining up to your gums.
  1. Fold excess behind  teeth. Lick strip so it doesn’t stick to your lip.
  1. Repeat for lower teeth. Strips dissolve in about 15 minutes.

How soon can people see results after using the dissolvable strips?

You will see results after just a couple of applications. 

Is Origin Instants for everyone of all ages?

Not recommend for children under 12 years old.

Who should not use Origin Instants?

Pregnant or nursing women, and avoid use within 2 weeks of dental treatment or while wearing dental braces.

What’s next for Origin Instants? The creators of dissolving teeth whitening strips.

At Bsolve Dental, our parent company, has over 20 years of experience in the formulation and manufacture of dissolving teeth whitening strips. We are the scientific experts in this technology. Through research and compelling clinical effectiveness data, we are continually developing new product innovations to improve whitening efficacy, lower sensitivity, increase convenience, reduce waste and enhance enamel protection.

Those who get the January 2024 Box will get the Origin Instant strips. What is the one thing you want them to know?

Our unique formulation provides the following benefits: 


Superior whitening
Less tooth sensitivity
Enamel protection
Great taste
Less waste


Overall, dissolvable whitening strips offer a convenient and effective way to whiten your teeth at home. If you're looking for a mess-free, on-the-go solution and prioritize ease of use, they might be a great option for you. Just remember to consult your dentist before starting any whitening treatment, especially if you have any concerns about your oral health.

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