The Best Moisturizer For All Skin Types

Are you looking for a multi-purpose moisturizing beauty product? Then, you are going to love the Goat Milk Beauty Balm from Dionis Goat Milk Skincare in the October Box. This beauty balm does it all! From head to toe, you can use this non-greasy balm to tame flyaway hair, moisturize dry thirsty skin, including lips and cuticles. Find out more about this female founded, female ran company in our Q&A with Dionis President, Karen Minsky and why they chose goat milk as their main ingredient for their cruelty-free and paraben-free products.

How did Dionis get its start? 

From humble beginnings to the shelves of Ulta Beauty, Dionis has come a long way since it first started on a small goat farm in the highlands of Virginia. Our founder, Kate Crosby, started by hand making goat milk bar soaps in 1982 and their popularity led to the creation of Dionis Goat Milk Skincare. Today, 40 years later, Dionis offers a full range of goat milk bath & body products, all made in small batches in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and we’re proud to continue the tradition of being a woman-operated business. 

What’s your proudest moment running Dionis today?  

Continuing Kate’s vision of strong, female-run leadership and maintaining the highest quality in every product continues to be my proudest moment. I carefully work with our team to develop new goat milk products that offer a luxurious and treatment-like feel while still being a brand that believes in making products ourselves. Quality is our top priority. I want for what everyone who purchases or receives Dionis products to feel the time and care I have spent in ensuring their product meets my own personal standards of goodness and luxury, at a price they can afford.

Why goat milk? 

Goat milk is loaded with high amounts of vitamins & minerals, proteins, and fat. Plus, did you know goat milk has a similar pH to human skin? This allows our products to deeply moisturize, instead of just resting on top of skin like others. Our goat milk is 100% natural and we’re proudly a cruelty-free and clean beauty brand!


What inspired your multi-purpose Goat Milk Beauty Balm? 

When I developed the multi-purpose beauty balm, I was personally seeking an item I could use throughout my body without having to invest in multiple products. I am a no-fuss girl, so give me that one item that does it all — and does it well, and you have me hooked! The Goat Milk Beauty Balm is non-greasy, which is essential, and it smells wonderfully. I never want to put anything on my body that isn’t pleasant to the touch or that has a chemical aroma, and that’s what I appreciate about our beauty balm. 

What are the best ways to use the Goat Milk Beauty Balm? 

I use it to tame flyaway hair, highlight my cheekbones, as a lip balm, or to moisturize my cuticles or any dry spot on my body. It’s a must-have to take along wherever you go!

What are the key ingredients in the Goat Milk Beauty Balm? 

Our star ingredient in every product is of course goat milk! But, this balm is also packed with a super-moisturizing combo of plant-based ingredients that your skin will love:

• avocado butter
• shea butter
• aloe

Is the Goat Milk Beauty Balm for all skin and hair types? 

Yes! Goat milk is a very gentle ingredient. All of our products are dermatologist-tested and made with quality ingredients you can trust. 

What can people expect after using the Goat Milk Beauty Balm? 

To fall in love! But really, this balm is the most perfect and convenient way to moisturize from head to toe while on the go.


DIONIS Goat Milk Beauty Balm


What other products from your brand can you suggest for our subscribers? 

We offer an assortment of goat milk bath & body products that, with consistent use, will change the way your skin feels. Goat milk is such a powerful ingredient. You need to nourish your skin with products that complement your body’s natural moisture and that won’t dry you out or leave you greasy. Goat milk is just that! It’s loaded with the vitamins and nutrients you want and need to feed your skin. Your skin will thank you! You must try our:

What’s next for Dionis? 

We continue to innovate with products that make sense for your overall body care. Dionis doesn’t make products just to make them; our goal is to really help transform the look and feel of your skin. I’m proud of our products and I take the time to consider what is really needed in the marketplace and which ingredients will be most effective before they’re made. Skincare is the next step for us and we are exploring some sunscreens now too because of the difficulty in finding quality SPF products that blend well into your skin. Stay tuned. We have a lot to offer!

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