The Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals for Hair

The Dead Sea, with its ancient waters boasting a remarkable concentration of minerals, has long been prized for its therapeutic properties. But did you know that these mineral-rich depths hold secrets for healthy, radiant hair too? We’re so excited to introduce you to Saphira, a salon professional healing hair care line created by a woman, whose mission is to empower, heal, and give back by way of beauty. We have partnered with this luxurious hair care brand that’s infused with 26 Dead Sea Minerals for the Saphira Divine Curls Limited Edition Takeover Box. This amazing box has four full-size products that include, Divine Curls Shampoo, Divine Curls Conditioner, Divine Curls Mineral Mud Hair Mask, and Divine Curls Cream. We know that you will love how this mineral-infused hair care system conditions and hydrates curly, wavy, kinky, thick & textured hair without weighing it down. Made with 26 active Dead Sea minerals, this sulfate-free system will also refresh, revive, and repair hair. It will also boost circulation to the hair roots and follicles, and sustain & improve healthy curl growth. Let’s dive into the depths of hair health and find out more about how Saphira got its start and how these nourishing minerals can hydrate your curls.

How did Saphira get its start?

Inspired by my studies in Positive Psychology and my volunteer work with young girls at risk, who had a low sense of confidence and self-worth, I was determined to create a product line with premium ingredients, conveying a positive message that would transcend the bottle.

At the same time that I was developing programs for young girls at risk, I was dating someone from the hair care industry. We discussed our life goals together and discussed how our respective backgrounds could mold together to help people. We talked about the importance of using natural ingredients and specifically the importance of minerals. That led to a conversation of how the 26 Dead Sea Minerals are world renown to heal a variety of skin irritations but no effort has been made to use these minerals in the salon professional world for the scalp and hair. The scalp is the “soil” that fosters the quality of every hair strand and requires healthy ingredients to ensure healthy hair.

We got engaged and then married. We decided to take our wedding money to begin manufacturing salon professional healing hair care products after successful results working with chemists and lab testing. We packed up our small roller board suitcase with 48 shampoos and conditioners, and took to the streets of NYC. We sold out in one day! We thought we made it big! From that suitcase on wheels in NYC, Saphira is distributed in more than 60 countries and growing.

After launching Saphira, we returned to "my girls" and brought them Saphira shampoo bottles to decorate. I asked them to write their own ingredients of what they need to get through a happy day on the back of the bottle. They wrote things like, "a hug", "a smile", trust and love. Our mantra encourages people to "find the minerals in you", or the beautiful qualities inside ourselves was inspired by "my girls" and is the mantra of the Saphira brand. 

Talk to us about your Divine Curls collection. What inspired this collection?

On a salon visit, I was touched by a woman with curly hair who said, “I hate my kinky curls, I wish my hair was straight”, At that moment, I told the woman that her hair is “divine” and just the way G-d created it. The message of the Divine Curls line is that natural curly, wavy hair is G-dly. The trend for stick straightened hair should never send a message that anyone who doesn’t want or have that type of hair should feel like their hair is less beautiful.



Why Dead Sea Minerals? 

The 26 Dead Sea Minerals have proven, since the time of Cleopatra, to be the most healing, nourishing and hydrating natural elements for skin, however it was never tried and tested to use for scalp and hair. I approached chemists and lab teams to explore using these minerals for the hair and scalp. The results and performance were outstanding.  We knew we were on to something big. The Dead Sea is the lowest spot-on earth and it makes sense that the richest minerals from the earth’s core would be located there.

What are the benefits of Dead Sea Minerals for hair?

The 26 minerals of the Dead Sea heal, support hair growth and re-growth, add extreme shine, foster greater elasticity, strengthen hair strands from the roots, remove frizz, heat protect, color protect, increase softness of the hair, add volume, and leave hair feeling healthy and fresh.

In addition to the Dead Sea Minerals, what are the other key ingredients in Divine Curls collection?

African Shea Butter and Black Seed Oil are combined to the 26 Minerals to support curly, wavy and highly textured hair with additional nourishment, moisture and hydration.

For maximum results, what’s the best way to use the Divine Curls collection – step by-step?

For maximum results, curly hair routines include:
Step 1:  Saphira Divine Curls Shampoo – repeat 2x 
Step 2:  Saphira Divine Curls Conditioner
Step 3:  Saphira Divine Mineral Mud Mask – apply a scoop of the Divine Mineral Mud on to wet hair, massage throughout the hair, leave on for 5 minutes or longer may wrap with a warm towel, and rinse out with warm water. For maximum results, the Divine Mineral Mud can be cocktailed with the Mineral Drop.
Step 4:  Spray the One Detangler throughout the hair
Step 5:  Apply the Divine Curl Cream into palms of the hand and scrunch throughout all of the curls.



What’s so great about the Divine Curl Shampoo and Conditioner?

It has increased hydration formulated with the ingredients of African Shea Butter and Black Seed Oil and natural essences.

What are the benefits of the Divine Curl Cream?

The Divine Curl Cream strengthens and defines curls without weighing them down due to its high concentration of minerals, African Shea Butter and Black Seed Oil.

What can people expect after using the Divine Curl Cream?

Curls feel soft, bouncy, healthy, hydrated and without frizz.

Is it ok to re-apply the curl cream before you next wash day?

Yes, it is ok to re-apply.

What are the key ingredients in the Divine Mineral Mud Hair Mask?

The key ingredients in the mineral mud hair mask include the 26 minerals which include the healthy and revitalizing ingredients such as selenium, zinc, vanadium, fluorine and calcium.

What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

They add softness, strength to weak hair strands, add definition to curls and wavy hair, hydrate dry and unruly ends.

How often should you use the Mineral Mud Hair Mask?

The Mineral Mud Mask can be used every day as it is a natural product with healing powers.

What is the best way to use the Mineral Mud Hair Mask?

The best way to use the Mineral Mud Mask would include applying the Mineral Mud on to wet clean hair, leave on for 5 minutes (the longer, the softer), if possible, wrap hair in a warm towel, rinse out with warm water and style as preferred.

Is the Divine collection for all hair types?

The Divine Collection has been exclusively formulated for curly, wavy and textured hair. Other hair types could benefit from its rich concentration of minerals and essences.

In addition to the Divine Curls Collection, what other collections do you offer? 

Saphira’s collections include Hydration, Volume, Glossy Blonde, Finishing & Styling, Luxury Treatments and a Defrizz Mineral Treatment.

What were you doing before you started Saphira?

I was a student of Positive Psychology working on a degree in Psychology.

What advice can you give other women who want to start their own business?

Don’t give up… stick with your dreams and use failure as an opportunity to grow and build.

What inspires you?

My 4 children and family inspire me and people who undergo challenges and manage to put a smile on their face.

What’s next for Saphira?

The feedback on the unique healing performance of our products and their beautiful natural fragrances inspires me to incorporate additional self-care items for body care.

Those who get the Limited Edition Box will get the complete Divine Curl collection. What is the one thing you want them to know?

I want everyone with curly, wavy and textured hair to know that “your hair is divine and Godly”.  Saphira is here to enhance your inner beauty and let it shine through and out!