The Benefits of a Myavana Hair Membership

By Adriene Boone

A few months ago, Team COCOTIQUE discovered Myavana, a personalized hair membership, and tool for assessing hair and generating custom analysis reports. I’m always down to learn something new so of course I was game to try it out.

Overall, the process was fairly simple. Myavana sent me a kit to collect hair samples. I divided my hair into four sections, combed each section and then deposited the hair collected from each section into the envelopes provided. After that I mailed the sample back and waited for my custom analysis. About 3-4 weeks later, my report arrived via email. It was extremely comprehensive providing me information like:


  • Hair Health Summary, including photos of my hair shaft

  • Detailed explanations of my hair composition

  • Natural solutions that can work to assist in correcting problematic issues (like high porosity)

  • A list of recommended products for caring for and styling my specific hair type

  • Video tutorials on how to use the products

  • A list of hair salons near me


The analysis is extremely detailed, and a great tool for those who are new to the natural hair game, as well as a resource for women who wish to learn more about their hair and what products work best for their specific hair issues. Having been natural for 8 years now, I’ve done a ton of research and experimentation and am pretty well versed in my hair’s areas of strength and its issues. So while a lot of the report was confirmation of what I already knew, I could appreciate the detail that went into providing such a well-rounded picture of my hair. If you are thinking of going natural, new to being natural or just looking for a comprehensive general plan for your hair, however you choose to manage it; then the Myavana service would be an excellent option for you.

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Adriene Boone shares her musings through various online mediums, and has served as social media consultant for a natural hair and skincare line. She is currently a Communications Specialist in the diversity field.