Taye Hansberry: Stuff She Likes

Taye Hansberry’s consummate Cali style and pops of bright beauty make her blog, Stuff She Likes, a chic destination for fashion lovers. The blogger, actress, television host and photographer uses high end visuals to give readers a glimpse behind the scenes of her closet, her favorite shopping spots, and into her beauty bag. Though Taye likes to switch up her style often, it never fails to be effortlessly cool, and has earned her recognition at online outlets like Glamour.com, Refinery 29, Huffington Post, and recently, WhoWhatWear.com.

Taye, tell us a bit about who you are what you do.

I am a fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle blogger. I am also an actress, a TV host, and a photographer.

What inspired you to begin blogging at Stuff She Likes?

I needed to get my photography work out there, (so that) is why I started the blog. Then it sort of just took on a life of its own.

Is blogging your full time occupation? How do you balance it with your other responsibilities?

Blogging is full time, but so is everything else I do. It's all full time.

The key to a good pop of color on the cheek is to go with a bright color.  People are often scared of bright colors but don't be. The key to a good pop of color on the cheek is to go with a bright color. People are often scared of bright colors but don't be.

You've been featured in publications from Glamour Magazine to Lucky Magazine to Refinery 29 and more! What has been your proudest blogging moment to date?
I have three: When Vanity Fair named me Editors Pick not once but twice last year; and just this past weekend when WhoWhatWear.com named me one of 9 bloggers that are about to be HUGE (haha and that was the actual caption).

Blogging has changed quite a bit over the last few years, and become a legitimate and respected form of media and digital influence. What advice would you give about blogging to a woman who is thinking of creating a blog, or just starting out?
Hmm… this is always a hard question for me because everyone is different. All successful bloggers have become successful in their own way with their own voice. I don't think there is a particular formula. If I had to pinpoint it I would say consistency (is key).

What does the phrase "personal style" mean to you, and how would you describe your own personal style?


Personal style is how you choose to have the outside world see you, on a superficial level--meaning your outward appearance. My style is ever changing. I tend to stick to blues, whites and neutrals, but in terms of the shapes, I will wear them all!

We love your bold blonde locks. How do you maintain healthy natural hair with color, while also switching between curly and heat straightened styles?

Ha! Not easily. I normally have very shiny, healthy, bouncy hair. I knew the lighter I went the less healthy it would be. But when you go light it’s just the trade you have to face. I am an avid user of deep conditioner. I will wash my hair right before I go to bed, put a boatload of conditioner in it, comb it through, put it in a shower cap and wrap that in a towel, and then go to sleep. The next morning I rinse it out and style as usual. I also use lots of oil treatments.

What are some of your favorite hair products for summer?

I love a good keratin or conditioning spray. I wear my hair back a lot and the sprays are a great way to keep it smooth in those styles.


You give a great rosy cheek. Which brands make some of your favorite blush/bronzer colors?
Haha! Thanks! Cheeks are my thing! Right now I am loving a company called ColourPop. It is affordable and has really beautiful colors. I am also loving the YSL Matte lip and cheek satins. The key to a good pop of color on the cheek is to go with a bright color. People are often scared of bright colors but don't be; as long as you blend them really well they look great! I often put my lipstick on and blot it with my finger. Then I’ll take the color on my finger and blend it into my cheeks.

Do you have an easy everyday beauty routine that anyone could emulate? Tell us about it.
Yes. I wash my face every night and use a serum and a moisturizer. Your skin does all of its healing at night so that is the best time to let the products do their jobs. I also use scrubs or light over-the-counter peels once a week because if your skin is super clogged the products just sit on top.


What 3 items are in your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal--those Holy Grail products you just can't live without?

  1. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder – It smells like a chocolate cupcake and glides on smooth. Plus they have three different colors that will work for all shades.

  2. Desert Essence Jojoba Oil - I have been using this oil for years in my hair; a little bit goes a long way. If I am going to straighten my hair I will put it on my hair over night before I wash or go to the salon. If I wear my hair natural I will mix a tiny amount into my gel and run through my curls while wet.

  3. MAC Lady Danger Matte Lipstick - I always, without a doubt, get asked what lipstick I am wearing when I wear this color. It's my go to. It's a bright orange/red coral color, so it looks amazing on everyone from the palest to the darkest skin tones and everyone in-between.

Keep up with Taye’s style and beauty at her site, Stuff She Likes, and follow her on social media at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.