February 2017

Healing as Activism

By GG Renee Hurt people hurt people. Sometimes we silently hate each other. Sometimes we destroy things and lash out. Sometimes we self-destruct. Long-term suffering and hopelessness can detonate and break things and burn them down. When fear is passed down, spread around and conditioned as... View Post

MARBELLA Paris Contest

I discovered the brand, Marbella Paris, at a Start-Up Innovation and Technology conference in Paris. Marbella Paris makes luxury skin jewelry using an exclusive dermo-adhesive technology that is also, importantly, hypoallergenic. Founded in 2005 by Adeline Moniez, Marbella body jewelry is entir... View Post

COCOVlogger of the Month - Fayy Lenee

We fell in love this month’s COCOVlogger when we discovered her on social media. We couldn’t wait to have her host our COCOTIQUE Takeover of the Month featuring Black Radiance. Fayy Lenee works full-time in the financial industry but it’s her passion for makeup and beauty that has turned her in... View Post