COCOBlogger of the Month

COCOBlogger Catch-Up

In our COCOBlogger of the Month series, we have had the opportunity to feature some truly amazing women with innovative blogs and websites, as well as unique and creative perspectives. Have you read them all? In case you weren't reading from the beginning, we are catching you up on some of our ea... View Post

Amber A. McKinnon: Founder & Editor, Brown Bombshell Beauty

Amber McKinnon started out as that girlfriend who always had the insider tips on the best and boldest beauty buys. Now, she gets to be that girlfriend for women all over the web through her blog, Brown Bombshell Beauty! She has also shared her savvy advice via media outlets like Ebony, The Huffin... View Post

Karla Borders Pope: Founder and Editor of Brown Girl Gumbo

Karla Borders Pope is proving that a blog doesn’t have to be just one thing—it can be a mix of all the things the writer enjoys, as long as it’s written in an entertaining and consistent manner. Her blog, Brown Girl Gumbo, features daily beauty, hair, style, celebrity and lifestyle posts in a cre... View Post

Monèt Fitzgerald: Curls and Mo

New York blogger Monèt Fitzgerald wants you to know that her blog, Curls and Mo, is about “more than just curls”. You’ll get natural hair tips and product reviews but you can also look to Curls and Mo for lifestyle topics like reading, healthy eating and life planning. Read on to learn more about... View Post

Naty Michele: A Love Affair With Fashion

Naty Michele is the stylish blogger behind A Love Affair With Fashion. She combines her love for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and music into posts that showcase her personal style and give an inside look at her life. In this COCOBlogger of the Month interview, Naty reveals how she started blogging,... View Post

Taye Hansberry: Stuff She Likes

Taye Hansberry’s consummate Cali style and pops of bright beauty make her blog, Stuff She Likes, a chic destination for fashion lovers. The blogger, actress, television host and photographer uses high end visuals to give readers a glimpse behind the scenes of her closet, her favorite shopping spo... View Post

Tanesha Awasthi: Girl With Curves

Tanesha Awasthi shows off sophistication in spades at her blog, Girl with Curves. From billowy fabrics to ladylike silhouettes and feminine looks in denim, she showcases an impeccable eye for polished style that has won her blog numerous awards, and gotten her recognized both in the US and across... View Post

Mattie James: Mattieologie

From big, bold hair to bright, fun lip hues, Mattie James of Mattieologie has got the art of stylishly commanding attention down pat. In addition to beauty and outfit posts, the Atlanta-based blogger shares her shopping hauls, creates tutorials and teaches readers how to treat their own blogs lik... View Post

Krystal Scott (Knight): The Feisty House

If you’re a creative who has been looking for a space on the web where you’ll be inspired and encouraged, The Feisty House is just the site for you. Created by Krystal Scott, a self-described “hip grandma who loves to mix prints and whose favorite place to shop is J. Crew”, The Feisty House is an... View Post