Step Into Spring With The COCOTIQUE Makeup Lovers Box

As we continue the celebrate the accomplishments of women, we are happy to introduce you to Nicole Gujral, the owner and CEO of not one makeup brand, but two. This former makeup artist and hair stylist turned entrepreneur, started Saint Luxe Beauty, a luxury beauty brand made for all skin tones. Nicole’s second baby is Basic Beauty. This female, Black owned brand’s mission is to create cruelty-free, long-lasting cosmetics with high quality, paraben-free ingredients. We are so excited to introduce you to both of these brands in our Spring Edition Makeup Lovers Box. Find out more about how this fearless entrepreneur started both of these prestigious brands and how you can achieve this spring’s makeup trends with the 5 full-size products that are included in this box. 

What attracted you to the beauty industry?

At an early age, I always knew that I wanted to help women feel beautiful. Growing up in a household with an African American mother and grandmother I used to see the struggles of the lack of inclusion when purchasing make up. My mother and I could never share products and that really saddened me. I knew that one day I would become the change that I wanted to see.

As a former hairstylist and makeup are artist, which one did you love best?

Makeup was always my first love. I truly loved that instant gratification someone got just from changing their lip color or adding a blush. Being a makeup artist was part talent and part therapist. I truly enjoyed the transformation physically and emotionally.

When did you know it was time to start your own brand?

I always knew that eventually one day I would start my own brand. There was only a certain amount of people that I could help daily in a salon setting. I dreamt of a day where the amount of people I could help give them confidence would be limitless. Ironic enough when I was 3 months pregnant is when I decided to take a leap of faith. I wanted to show my child you really can have it all.

What was the most challenging part of your transition?

When you first start out as an entrepreneur, you can start out on a high and you feel so free. But, you quickly need to get organized and realize you are your own boss. Being a beauty founder in 2021, I was forced to grow. Last year, was our busiest year to date. We had to navigate through a global crisis in the supply industry that I had to adapt to quickly to meet demands. However, we had so many moments that we were able to triumph overI am also a soon to be a mom of three kids, under the age of three, while simultaneously launching and growing three businesses in three years.

Basic Beauty products lip kit & blush


How did Basic Beauty get its start?

Basic Beauty got its start from my love of makeup and wanting to have a great laugh while enjoying it. I started off with Basic Beauty which is my puny, affordable line. With a play on words, cruelty free products, and aesthetically pleasing packaging, it all took off! Within our first year, we were featured in IPSY. 

How did Saint Luxe get its start?

With Saint Luxe, that is my luxury cosmetic line. The idea behind that is that I wanted to bring it back to the basics of luxury. Simple chic packaging, with high quality products. I wanted everyone to be able to experience luxury, because after all its a feeling not a “thing”.

Why two different brands?

Two different brands were necessary because it helped show the duality I think all women possess. We can let our hair down with our girlfriends and have a nice glass of Pinot, but when you put on your Saint Luxe, next thing you know you are singing Beyonce and getting sexy for date night!

Which brand came first?

Basic came first, but Saint followed shortly after.

What was the first product that you created?

My first product I ever created was “Yoga Pants” lip gloss, it’ll always have this special place in my heart!

How was that product received?

It was very well received! To this day our lip products are our most popular!

How important is it for you to create cruelty free products?

Cruelty Free products are an absolute must for us! Our first certification we ever received was from Leaping Bunny. We are huge animal lovers, so I can’t imagine it any other way.

Nicole lip trend


What makeup trends can we look forward to this spring? 

The makeup trends we will continue to see are the no makeup make up looks, as well as glowy skin! Skin is in and Less is more! I truly believe for the past two years we’ve all taken a little bit of a break from heavy makeup. We all love a youthful and lifted look.


Spring Makeup Lover Box 2022


What products from the Spring Makeup Lovers Box can we use to achieve these looks?

Using Wine time blush, Mixer lip gloss, and shimmer body oil will give you healthy glowing skin! It’s the perfect recipe for the no makeup look.

How do you use the Wine Time Blush?

Our Wine Time Blush can be applied with a powder brush or a sponge. 

What other colors does your blush come in?

Our other colors our blush come in are 4 different colors, Literally, Miami, Tarjay, and It’s October 3rd. We also have two other trio blush palettes called the Tipsy Trio and Bougie Wine Tasting Trio.




Please give us some tips on how to use the Wine time Blush?

You can use different placement to achieve a different look depending on your face shape. But our favorite is to always use it above your cheekbone lightly dusting it towards the hair line for a lifted look. We love to dust the excess blush from our brush on our nose, chin, and forehead for a sun kissed look.



How long does your Gel Eyeliner last?

12 hours of wear! 

How many colors dose your Retractable Gel Eyeliner come in?

Our retractable gel eyeliner comes in 2 colors, Tiger’s Eye which is more of a chocolate brown and Obsidian which is black.




What is the best way to use the Hot Cocoa Bomb Eyeshadow Quad?

Our favorite way to use the Hot Cocoa Bomb Eyeshadow Quad would be to either define the crease with the matte brown shade, use the deeper brown shimmer in the outer corner of the eye, the copper shimmer all over the lid and the pearl shimmer in the corner of the tear duct for an extra pop helping your eyes to look more awake.

Lip Kit


What’s included in the Baesic Lip Kit?

The Baesic Lip Kit includes a gel lip liner that can be sharpened with any universal sharpener as well as a Cream liquid lipstick.

How long does the lip color last on your lips?

This color passes the wear test and lasts up to 8 hours!

Is the Baesic Cream liquid lipstick moisturizing?

The Baesic Lip Cream Liquid lipstick is extremely hydrating! It’s one of our favorite formulas to date. 

What tips can you give us on using the Baesic Lip kit? 

When using our lip kit, we love to line our lips first and shade in the outer corners of our lips with our Baesic Gel lip liner, then apply our Baesic cream lip on top of it. 

Then, there’s the Basic Beauty Mixer Lip Gloss. What tips can you give us on how to use this must-have lip gloss?

One of our favorite ways to use the Mixer lip gloss would be to transform the Baesic Cream Lipstick to a glossy finish by applying it last. Or for faking a fuller pout, use it as a topper just below your Cupid’s bow and the center of your bottom lip.

Shimmer Body Oil Sepia


How do you use the Shimmer Body Oil?

Our Shimmer Body Oil can be used on your décolletagé, shoulders, and legs with a sponge or rubbing this luxurious oil on with your hands. One of our favorite places to use it happens to be on your face for highlighting. Bridal expert Juliette Collazo has crowned this as her favorite way to use it. The Shimmer Body Oil has quickly become our obsession!

Is this for all skin types?

Yes, the Shimmer Body Oil is for all skin types! We do recommend to apply the product generously, but with oily skin types use with discretion.

How long does the shimmer last?

The shimmer last for 8 hours. This product is quickly becoming a fan favorite for vacation, weddings, or just when you need a glow up!

Insert Image: Both Body Shimmers

How many colors does the Shimmer Body Oil come in?

Our Shimmer Body Oil comes in 3 different colors: a pearl shade that we call Soleil,  a medium toned shimmer, Gilded, and Sepia, our deeper shimmer oil. 

What is the best thing about your Shimmer Body Oil?

The best thing about our Shimmer Body Oil is that it gives your skin a glow and it’s hydrating at the same time! 

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How would you say that you promote diversity and empower women?

When curating our products, we try to only make products that can be made for all skin tones to use. When we did our first photoshoot, I made sure we hired black models. I also hired a black photographer, and a black make up artist. My goal is to highlight and empower US! 

At Basic Beauty and Saint Luxe, we believe in philanthropy. We also try to always give back to foundations that are founded by Black women. Our goal is to select organizations that are dedicated to helping homeless women and children by uplifting and supporting them. This past November, we were able to host an event in collaboration with Kendra Scott. I sat on a panel with two other women of color and discussed mental health and work life balance. We are committed to the elevation of women. 

What inspires you?

My biggest inspiration is my evolution and growth. As I move into different parts of my life, I look for the gaps of what is needed in this industry. Becoming a mother and still trying to honor the person I was before that, have made selfcare my holy grail! I had to get realistic and creative with the amount of time I had for myself. Taking that much needed reality check and time, I am now able to launch our skincare line, Basic Beauty this spring. We follow a very clean list of what is allowed in our products. Never including parabens, formaldehyde, or phthalates. 

What’s next for Saint Luxe and Basic Beauty?

Basic Beauty and Saint Luxe are going to continue to expand this year with some of our newest products coming out next month and we are so thankful for this! 

We cannot wait to launch our sister skincare line Basic Skin. We all know a great make up application starts with a great skin care routine! Check out our Instagram and website for all updates!  


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