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Are you looking for a custom skincare system that actually works for your skin type? We can definitely help you find your way to a better skincare routine that is specifically designed for your skin type. We are happy to introduce you to Agency, a custom anti-aging skincare company that creates personalized formulas that adapt to your skin. The December 2021 Box, includes the first step of their prescription formulas with the full-size Cloud Care Duo. You will receive the Cream Oil Cleanser and Weightless Whipped Moisturizer to get you started on the path to giving your skin exactly what it needs. The December 2021 Box also includes information on how to connect with one of Agency’s dermatology providers via telehealth to consult with you before trying your customized 30-Day Free Trial. Find out more about Agency and how you can reap the full benefits of their custom formulations.

Congrats on winning the Allure Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award. What sets Agency apart from your competitors?

What sets Agency apart is our incredible team of providers, who truly take the time to customize our Future Formula to meet the needs and concerns of our consumers. Our Rx ingredients are best in class and accessible in the comfort of your own home without a visit to a dermatologist. We give our customers access to ask questions so they have agency over their skincare journey, and we use regular virtual check-ins to adapt their formulas as their skincare concerns shift.

How did Agency get its start?

Agency was founded in 2021 by board-certified dermatologist Dr. David Lortscher, as the sister brand to Curology. Unlike Curology, which focuses primarily on treating acne, Agency is heavily focused on adaptive, anti-aging skincare, using a mix of premium cosmetic ingredients and a range of active Rx ingredients.  Agency uses a telehealth model to match users with a dermatology provider in order to get Rx-strength ingredients. Agency wants to democratize dermatology and increase ease and access to custom skincare products for all.

What are your 3 steps to better skin?

Our Future Formula, which uses the best active Rx ingredients to treat anti-aging skincare concerns and help maintain youthful skin, and a great cleanser and moisturizer like our Cloud Care Duo!

Please tell us about the key ingredients in the Cloud Care Duo and their benefits.


Key ingredients in the Cream Oil Cleanser include: 
  • Squalane: Squalane mimics the body’s natural sebum, using its oil-like consistency to break down impurities while nourishing skin with a visibly smooth finish. 
  • Glycerin: Glycerin is a humectant that pulls water into the outer skin layer, helping to establish normal moisture balance and slowing the evaporation of water from the skin.

Key ingredients in the Weightless Whipped Moisturizer include:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Known for its ability to hold water up to approximately 1,000x its weight, hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates the skin, boosting its smoothness and elasticity.
  • Shea Butter: With a melting point at body temperature, shea butter is a plant-based butter that effortlessly absorbs, softening and smoothing the skin’s overall texture. 
  • Glycerin: Glycerin is a humectant that pulls water into the outer skin layer, helping to establish normal moisture balance and slowing the evaporation of water from the skin.
  • Ceramides: Naturally occurring in the body, ceramides bind skin cells together to fortify the skin’s moisture barrier, increasing hydration and helping to prevent water loss for plump, glowing skin. 

Future Formula

What does the custom Future Formula consist of?

The Future Formula is Agency’s hero product: a custom cream made for members’ unique skin by dermatology providers. It is designed for patients’ personal needs and goals to target skin concerns like fine lines, texture, firmness, and more. Our dermatology providers review patients’ answers to a skin quiz and photos to prescribe custom ingredients—at a custom strength—for patients’ unique needs. Before each new shipment, we check in to see how our patients are doing—and if needed, we’ll adjust the prescription to ensure it is the right fit for changing skin.

Dark Spot Formula & Future Formula

What is the Dark Spot Formula?

The Dark Spot Formula is a personalized dark spot corrector designed to work alongside the multitasking Future Formula. It helps fade areas of darkened skin such as melasma and other types of hyperpigmentation with prescription ingredients selected for patients’ unique skin. Dermatology providers pick custom ingredients, at bespoke strengths, to include in the Dark Spot Formula.

How important is it to use these products together? 

We recommend using the Cloud Care Duo to complement the Future Formula and/or Dark Spot Formula. Our dermatologists designed the Cloud Care Duo to pair perfectly with the Future and/or Dark Spot Formula so our patients can get what they need for healthy skin in one simple package.

What other products can you suggest to go with the cleanser and moisturizer?

The most important skincare product is sunscreen. Diligent use of sunscreen is one of the most effective ways to help prevent sunburns and reduce the risk of skin cancer. But when it comes to preventing signs of aging, it’s truly an essential part of a daily skincare routine. We recommend broad spectrum mineral sunscreens that are non-comedogenic and tend not to irritate skin in addition to being at least SPF 30.

How soon can women see results after using?

Everyone’s skin is unique and therefore, everyone experiences results on different timelines. Results from the Future Formula depend on a few things, like the ingredients, prescription strength, and regular sun protection. Patients may see results after a few weeks or after many months of regular use (along with sun protection). That said, continued use of the Future Formula will also work against further skin damage and help “slow” certain signs of aging. In other words, people will still develop signs of aging while using the Future Formula, but they are expected to be milder and to not occur as quickly as they would have without treatment. 

With our Dark Spot Formula, it usually takes 8-12 weeks of consistent treatment and strict sun protection to notice any lightening of dark spots. Keep in mind, this timeline varies from person to person.

Can you purchase these products separately? 

At this time, we’ve only packaged the Cloud Care Duo to be shipped with the Future Formula and/or Dark Spot Formula. They are designed to work together as part of an effortless daily care ritual, suited specifically for each patient’s skin.

How does a custom skincare subscription work?

As an Agency member, there are a variety of ways to customize your box. Patients can request to be prescribed a Future Formula and/or a Dark Spot Formula and receive the Cloud Care Duo, and their provider will determine the best Treatment Plan for their skin. Payments are made per-shipment for all boxes. Shipments are automatically scheduled and shipped every 60 days once the trial period ends.

Can you edit or change your products?

To see how a patient’s skin is doing throughout the Agency journey, we will check in via text or email nine days before a new shipment is processed. We also send a follow-up email reminding patients to check-in. Based on how the patient’s skin is adjusting to the formulas, we will offer guidance, suggest an increase in the strength of the prescription, or connect patients with their provider. Patients can also connect with their medical provider at any time with questions or requests.

What are the top 3 skincare concerns that you hear the most?

The top 3 concerns we hear from Agency patients are fine lines, dark spots, and texture.

How can Agency help with these concerns?

The prescription ingredients in the Future Formula and Dark Spot Formula can help with a variety of aging related concerns including those mentioned above! 

What’s next for Agency?

We are looking to expand our self-care approach and have some exciting new partnerships in the near future. Be sure to follow us on social media (@agencyskincare) to keep up with how we’re connecting people with personalized, dermatological care!

Those who get the December 2021 Box will get the Cream Oil Cleaner and the Weightless Whipped Moisturizer. What is the one thing you want them to know?

Your skincare routine doesn’t need to be complex to be effective. You can keep your skincare simple by using effective ingredients that are right for your individual concerns. Agency is here to help guide you through that process and help you get your best skin possible.

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