Repair Damaged Hair In An Instant

If your hair is in need of some repair, then the October 2023 Box is a definite must-have. We have an amazing Triple Bond Repair Treatment from Eufora. Triple Bond Treatment is a great option for anyone who wants to improve the health and strength of their hair. This hair treatment repairs broken bonds and fortifies the hair fiber from cortex to cuticle. It is especially beneficial for people who have damaged hair from heat styling, chemical treatments, or UV rays. You will love this weightless in-shower treatment instantly reconnects, replaces, and reinforces the three primary bonds in the hair, reversing damage from chemical services, heat styling, and environmental stress - all in 5 minutes.

Find out more about Eufora and how their Triple Bond Repair Treatment can improve your hair’s health. You can also learn more about your hair by taking the Eufora Hair Quiz. Check out our interview below 

How Did Eufora get its start? 

Founded by Don and Beth Bewley in 1997. Don was a hair stylist, platform artist and salon owner who felt like many of the salon products available did not perform as they should. He wanted to “do it better”, and Eufora was born. Every product was tested not only for high performance but also planet friendly formulation, which is why they adopted the phrase people and planet friendly

What are Eufora’s standards?

Beauty without compromise. All Eufora products meet the most rigorous standards in formulation, utilizing nearly 100 different natural plant extracts and essential oils, all of which are classified as renewable resources and considered biodegradable. Unique to the brand, the certified 100% organic aloe vera base replaces water as the primary ingredient in most cleansers and conditioners. Fragrances are complex and naturally derived. We never use mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens or artificially created colorants in Eufora products. People and Planet Friendly is a must or the product never makes it to market.

What inspired your Triple Bond Repair Treatment?

In a marketplace crowded with “Bond” products, it was important to Eufora to NOT be another “me too” product. The goal was to do it differently. Make it easy to use for consumers at home, and make it quick in the salon as time is precious. In both cases the results had to be immediate and noticeable.

What are the key ingredients in the Triple Bond Repair Treatment?

The workhorse is the Eufora Pro-Bond Complex, which is a synergistic blend of Quinoa, Pea, and Vegetable Polypeptide Proteins that rapidly penetrate deep into the hair strand to deliver maximum results.

What are the benefits of these key ingredients?

  • Reconnect broken protein disulfide bonds to restore strength and add elasticity.
  • Replace missing hydrogen bonds to restore texture and protect hair from the elements.
  • Reinforce salt bonds to reconnect positive and negative amino acids for luster and strength.
  • Restore structure, elasticity, texture, and shape to any hair type!

How do you use the Triple Bond Repair Treatment?

After cleansing with a gentle detox shampoo, work a generous quarter size amount of treatment completely through mid and end lengths of hair. You may add more as needed, based on length of hair and level of damage. Leave on for 5 minutes minimum.  Rinse thoroughly. Condition hair after treatment if desired. Use weekly or as needed.

What can people expect after using the Triple Bond Repair Treatment? 

Unlike most repair products that require a blow dry for efficacy, Triple Bond Repair is a one-step, in-shower repair treatment that quickly penetrates the hair strand for weightless restoration and repair leaving hair noticeably smoother, shinier, softer, and healthier looking. No blow dryer required!

  • 96% of people surveyed said they noticed improved hair health after the first use
  • 92% said they experienced increased softness
  • 93% of professional hairstylists recommend Triple Bond Repair over leading bond repair products

What other products from your brand can you suggest to use with the Triple Bond Repair?

Eufora Urgent Repair Shampoo is the perfect pairing. It will gently detoxify the hair and prepare it to receive maximum benefit from the Triple Bond Repair treatment.

Is the Triple Bond Repair Treatment for all hair types?

All hair types can benefit from Triple Bond Repair, especially those who have sustained damage from chemical services, environmental stress, or heat styling. Triple Bond Repair is safe for color treated, chemically-treated, keratin treated and relaxed hair as well

Talk to us about you Good Global Karma?

Do no harm. Eufora formulations are plant-based, ingredients ethically and sustainably sourced, and products cruelty-free. Eufora believes people should care about what goes in and on their bodies. 

What’s next for Eufora?

A new look! Triple Bond Repair packaging is a sneak peek at what’s to come. Most Eufora shampoos and conditioners are undergoing a packaging change as we speak, so that all will mirror the design style of Triple Bond Repair. 

Those who get the October Box will get a travel size sample of the Triple Bond Repair Treatment. What is the one you want to leave them with? 

Your best hair day will get even better, guaranteed! All authentic Eufora products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


DECEMBER 31, 2023

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