Renae Bluitt:

Self-proclaimed beauty junkie, Renae Bluitt, has a penchant for beauty and hair products, but also for inspiring other women. As part of her company, Crush Media, she created In Her Shoes Blog: a place meant to “empower, enlighten and uplift women committed to realizing their dreams”. We were lucky enough to get an opportunity to talk with the entrepreneur and blogger and learn all about what inspires her, get some wonderful advice for other female entrepreneurs who might be having difficulty staying the course, snag the details on the hair care routine that produces those awesome curls, and of course, learn what’s in her Ultimate Beauty Arsenal.

In 3-5 sentences tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
I'm a self-confessed busy body Brooklynite by way of the Midwest. I've married my passion for beauty with my love for PR & marketing to launch Crush Media and create a career that very rarely feels like work. Inspired by all of the amazing women I've met on my entrepreneurial journey, I launched In Her Shoes to empower and uplift the ladies committed to living out their dreams. In one word, I'm blessed.

What drew you to blogging and what keeps you going?
I developed In Her Shoes to fill what I considered to be a void (at the time) in the blogosphere. My intentions were simple and pure. I just wanted everyday women to have a place to share their stories and experiences to inspire others who want to walk in their shoes. I learn something new from each woman I interview for In Her's like the gift that keeps on giving!

In Her Shoes Blog aims to empower and enlighten female entrepreneurs -- what 3 things would you say to a female entrepreneur who may be having difficulty staying the course to realizing her dream?

  1. As cliché as it may sound, my first piece of advice would be to NEVER give up. If you've tapped into your true passion, you've accomplished something that many in this world are still working towards. Dreams don't always unfold as smoothly and quickly as we'd like, but the time and energy we invest can yield a great return if we stay the course.

  2. Be fluid. As an entrepreneur, flexibility and the ability to shift gears and turn left when you really wanted to turn right is crucial to your success. Be creative and resourceful to reach your goals. Prepare a plan B, C and D if necessary...just get the job done!

  3. Surround yourself with like-minded, progressive and forward-thinking people that inspire you to be the higher you.

What was the most challenging part about starting Crush Media and how did you get through it?

The most challenging part of launching my business was sacrificing the "stability" of my PR agency job. Knowing that you have a steady income eliminates some of the stress associated with living in one of the most expensive cities in the country. What I learned early on is that the freedom and overall fulfillment that comes from doing what you love (on YOUR terms) is more valuable than ANY cushy corporate check could ever be.

What is the most valuable business advice you've ever received?
The most valuable advice I've ever received is to stay hungry. It's easy to get comfy and rest on your laurels when you've been doing something for a while. Stay on top of industry trends and commit to giving 110% every day, even when you feel you don't have it to give. Another important thing to remember while building your brand is that you've got to invest in you. Get plenty of rest, eat well and do things that nurture your spirit. It's easy to get caught up in a life that consists of work, work, work but that only leads to exhaustion and early burn out. Take care of you. You're the only you we've got!

Now, let's talk beauty and fashion. What 3 products are in your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal and why?
My fav moisturizer is Hope in a Jar by Philosophy. It's perfect for my combination skin and works all year ‘round. An absolute must-have in my beauty arsenal is MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. Being your own boss leads to countless sleepless nights but you never want to look the part! This product is the ultimate pick me up. Lastly, a pop of color on the lip is very necessary. Like every other woman on the planet I've been rocking Ruby Woo for quite some time now but I recently picked up another MAC hue that I'm totally obsessed with, Flat Out Fabulous.

You have beautiful hair, tells us about your hair care and hair styling routine.
Thank you! My gorgeous mother was kind enough to bless me with these tresses. When it comes to hair I truly believe that less is more. Yes, I do PR for hair care brands but I don't believe we should be a slave to products. My hair care routine is simple. I wash once or twice weekly with Ouidad's Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil and condition with my ALL TIME fav, EDEN BodyWorks' JojOba Monoi Deep Conditioner. The wash and go is my go-to look, especially during the warmer months. Prior to diffusing my hair I pamper it with Karen Body Beautiful's Sweet Ambrosia Leave In Conditioner, seal it with oil and begin the styling process.

What three items of clothing should be in the closet of every fly female entrepreneur?

  1. A well constructed blazer (preferably with an unforgettable print or a major pop of color)

  2. A great bag made of quality leather with beautiful gold hardware. In a city like New York where you need room for a laptop, iPad, iPhone, magazines, makeup bag, water and a back up pair of comfy shoes, a spacious yet stylish bag is a MUST.

  3. A pair of dark wash jeans that fit like a glove. They can take you from day time casual to night by simply adding accessories and a sexy heel.
    P.S.: Speaking of heels, every woman should have a pair that makes her feel both powerful and sexy. This shoe must be fly and turn heads while serving the extra "umph" you need to conquer the day!

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

In Her Shoes turns five in January! Stay tuned to the blog and social media (@inhershoesblog) for details on the special NYC event we're planning to celebrate the occasion.

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