Protect Your Hands From Germs With BioSalut Hand Sanitizer

Today more than ever, we are using hand sanitizers to protect us from various germs and viruses. A couple of things to consider when choosing which sanitizer to use, is the alcohol content and the additional moisturizing ingredients. We have discovered a new and effective Hand Sanitizer from BioSalut that you will find in the February Box. Read all about how this gentle and non-irritating sanitizer can leave your hands clean and soft.   



Your parent company Novex by Embelleze is a Brazilian hair care company known for producing hair care solutions for women of all ethnicities in over 40 countries. What inspired your brand extension into Personal Care?

Embelleze added BioSalut to its catalog to contribute to the fight against Covid spread, which Includes hand and body hygiene products.



What is the key ingredient in the BioSalut Hand Sanitizer?

Two key ingredients are Ethyl Alcohol 70% and Aloe Vera


What are the benefits of Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera provides softness and smoothness to your hands.


Is the BioSalut Hand Sanitizer for all skin types?

Yes, it is! Our hand sanitizer can be use as many times as needed throughout the day.


What other BioSalut products can you recommend?

Our body hand soaps are also made with moisturizing ingredients that will reduce dry and dull patches on the skin. We also have a vegan hand creme that is infused with Shea butter that will also keep your hands soft. 


Each of our subscribers who get the February Box will receive a full-size BioSalut Hand Sanitizer. What is the one thing you want them to know?

Biosalut is a disinfecting alcohol gel that sanitizes and protects your hands against germs.




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