Product Highlight: Novex Argan Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

NOVEX Argan Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Review


The Novex Argan Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is a treatment contains pure Argan Oil and Vitamin E to help restore smoothness and shine to the hair without the downsides of frizz and split ends. It boasts a high concentration and density to really penetrate the hair.


After shampooing my hair, I applied this on the lengths. My relaxed hair can sometimes look dull and dry so I was excited to use the treatment. It has a medium-thick consistency that won’t glide right of of the hair, I hate treatments that feel like basically water on the hair. I massaged it in and covered my hair with a plastic cap and went under heat for an hour.


While rinsing my hair out, I noticed the amount of ‘slip’ my hair had. I felt really soft but not soft to the point of breakage. If anything, it felt stronger while I detangled. After my hair was dry and flat ironed, my hair was still soft and smooth!

Overall, I really like this treatment. It adds strength without causing a “crunchiness like a protein treatment would. I recommend this if you a tired of dull/dry hair!

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