Part 2 of 2: Sephora Brands Review - The Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder

By Jackie Celestin-Andre

This is the continuation of last months Sephora brand review. In part 1, I reviewed the Ultimate Warming Cleanser. This month, I am sharing my two cents on the Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder.

The Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder is in the form of a white powder and contains salicylic acid and tiny beads that creates a scrubbing effect. I bought it thinking this could be a cheaper way of having a facial scrub (and maybe body as well) because it wasn’t that expensive. I followed the directions and applied the powder directly on my face - caution here; I realized that I had to use a lot of water with the powder to get a nice enough scrub texture. The first time I tried it, I did not use a lot of water and I got a thick paste and the scrub was a bit too rough for my skin, like sandpaper. I then used more water to get the right texture for my skin. I did not scrub for too long, though there is no indication on the packaging as to how long to scrub. Actually, the instructions for use on the bottle is ridiculously tiny and unreadable however I recommend not scrubbing for too long (no longer than a minute, but it really depends on the condition of your skin) and not too hard either.

The product contains salicylic acid and there are mixed opinions on the use of this ingredient in cosmetics products. I prefer using the powder mixed with my cleansing product. The slip afforded by the cleansing product ensured easier distribution of the scrubbing beads and it was easier for me to rinse off the product. One draw back for me using it on dry skin was that even after rinsing it off, I had a grainy feeling on my skin. Otherwise the product did deliver on what it promised. My skin was more refined, smooth looking and feeling in the areas that were a bit dry and patchy feeling. I needed to apply moisturizer quickly after as it left my skin feeling tight. Overall, I would recommend trying it but caution you on the amount of product used, how you use it (alone or with a cleanser) and the frequency of use. I use it once every two weeks.

I hope this helps! Thanks for reading.

Jackie Celestin-André is a Brooklyn born beauty, fashion and healthy living aficionado, with a penchant for wines and French foods (including anything chocolate and pastries), currently living in Paris, France. She is a marketing and diversity professional working for the global leader in beauty, and writing about beauty brands, events, and French beauty makers. Her goal is to bring readers a little closer to Paris without their ever leaving the USA.