Paris Beauty: Brand You Should Know, INSTITUT ESTHEDERM

By Jackie Celestin-André

If it weren’t for Laetitia, I would have probably never tried the facial care brand, INSTITUT ESTHEDERM. Though I have seen the brand many times in the store, I never felt compelled to try it. But walking into Laetitia’s beautiful, elegant and invitingly warm beauty concept boutique, e.clat, changed all of that.

After dropping my daughter at her play date one Saturday afternoon, I walked past e.clat Boutique and something in the window caught my eye. Maybe it was the simplicity of the window display, I really can’t remember. I walked in and was greeted by Laetitia who was working behind the counter. I was looking for a new skin care brand; she asked me all the right questions about my skin care habit, the products I use and how I use them, and any skin issues that I may have. She examined my skin and complimented me on the quality of my skin, but then said that the pores around my nose needed tightening up (I could only agree with her).


She then introduced me to INSTITUT ESTHEDERM, a brand she swears by and highly recommended.

So given my pore situation, Laetitia explained to me the use and benefits of three must have products within Esthederm: Omosclean Gentle Deep Poor Cleanser, Osmoclean Buffing Mask and Pure System Pore Refiner Concentrate. I left her shop with these 3 products, having spent around 80euros in total, and promising her to use them faithfully for at least one week. Now, I am not a fan of three step systems aside from two ranges that I have used in the past, with much happiness--but I tend to stay away from step systems. However, I gave this a try since Laetitia was convinced that I would see visible results.

So that night I started with the Gentle Deep pore cleanser. The directions stated that I should apply onto clean dry skin, so I cleansed my face with another brand and then afterward used the Gentle Deep pore cleanser as instructed. To my surprise the cleanser was a thick, rich cream and it was a real pleasure to apply. I loved the texture, the feel on my skin and its pleasant fragrance. Once applied, I massaged the cream, feeling it thicken under my fingers. Another nice difference was that this cleanser is non-foaming.

After rinsing, I then used the Osmoclean Buffing Mask. This formula combines exfoliation with a mask to remove dead cells and surface irregularities that dull skin’s radiance. Again, this product surprised me--as with the Cleanser, it presented a thick and rich cream. I left it on for a few minutes and, as instructed, began to rub it off. This was a new gesture for a mask. Typically I would rinse with water. But not with this brand--I literally rubbed it off, creating more exfoliating and removal of impurities. Afterwards, I rinsed the remaining product off.

I then finished off with the Pure System Pore Refiner concentrate. This product is supposed to tighten dilated pores. It also exfoliates tiny flaws in the complexion. Over time, states the literature on this product, it will improve the skin’s appearance.


After using this range religiously for at least one month, I can say that this brand is for me and for my skin. I love how my skin feels: clean, with pores nowhere to be seen (well If you look closely enough you could) as the sizes has been reduced by a lot. Additionally, my skin feels healthier, and comfortable. I had to call Laetitia and thank her for helping me discover this brand!

I would highly recommend INSTITUT ESTHEDERM. My goal now is to try other products in this extensive brand, and to continue to be surprised and delighted by INSTITUT ESTHEDERM. I did research to find out more about its roots, philosophy, etc., and found this:

As the founder of the brand, Jean-Noël THOREL, states, « QUAND UNE PEAU SOUFFRE, PLUTÔT QUE LA SUR-TRAITER, IL FAUT LA RÉ-ÉDUQUER. ». “When skin suffers, rather than treat the skin you must educate it.”

Jean-Noël THOREL works to create a new class of products - bio-cosmetics - which are biologically active, technologically safe and designed to help all skin types better resist their environment and the effects of time. Skin is an active organ, which has everything it needs to be well balanced. INSTITUT ESTHEDERM re-educates skin so that it can rediscover its youthful capacity.

My conclusion, I am fascinated by INSTITUT ESTHEDERM Paris.

Jackie Celestin-André is a Brooklyn born beauty, fashion and healthy living aficionado, with a penchant for wines and French foods (including anything chocolate and pastries), currently living in Paris, France. She is a marketing and diversity professional working for the global leader in beauty, and writing about beauty brands, events, and French beauty makers. Her goal is to bring readers a little closer to Paris without their ever leaving the USA.

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