Must-Have Makeup For Any Occasion

When it comes to color cosmetics Doucce is gives their customers complete customizable control. We are so excited to introduce you to a brand that was created by two fashion and beauty executives who created a brand that offers everything from maximum color to the best quality makeup for all women. You will get six full size products in the Summer Makeup Lovers Box that you can use all year for any occasion. You can also try some of this summer’s hot makeup trends with the Bold Control Graphic Marker or Smudge Resistant Eyeliner. Find out more about Doucce, their brand philosophy, and the other four cosmetics that are included in this too hot for summer box all for just $35.00 with a value of $151.00. Trust, you will not be disappointed.   

How did Doucce get its start?

Doucce was founded in New York by two fashion and beauty executives with the intent of giving women and artists across the world, the opportunity to discover their individuality. Though Doucce was born in New York, its name was inspired by the French word “douce”, which means soft and elegant. Doucce’s brand philosophy, Discover Your Individuality was inspired by Parisian elegance and New York attitude. Each one of Doucce’s innovative products embodies the underlying meaning of the brands name and ideals, by combining high fashion hues and contemporary packaging, to create the perfect combination of trendy and très chic.
In the pursuit of the brand philosophy, Doucce strives to innovate on all fronts by offering the maximum amount of color and options at the perfect introductory prestige price point. But it’s more than just color and more than just options- it’s the best quality makeup, totally fit for the working makeup artist on the red-carpet, behind the movie camera, and before the aisle.
While other prestige brands focus on just the packaging or just the color, Doucce is the brand that delivers on all fronts- it’s contemporary, it’s colorful, it’s innovative, and it’s professional.

What is Doucce’s brand philosophy?

Doucce strives to be the international brand for the international beauty. In our world, beauty is not defined by one specific look, and that is why Doucce invites women to discover their individuality. In fact, uniqueness is the essence of beauty. Today’s trends are continuously being defined and influenced by cultures across the world, which leaves no room for one definition of beauty. Beauty is an international phenomenon defined by a location, but vibrant and attainable by all.
Doucce has tailored its products to be the choice of women wherever they may be. From the American jetsetter, to the bubbly Australian, and all women across the world who aspire to achieve the universal and cosmopolitan look. So, join us as we welcome this new era of youth and luxury, and set forth to discover your individuality.


What is the best tip that you can give us on how to use the DOUCCE Relentless Matte Lip Crayon?

To apply, start by exfoliating + hydrating your lips in order to ensure smooth application. To create a more hydrating look layer with your favorite lip gloss or lip topper. Keep your lip crayon sharpened after use when needed, to maintain a precise application.

How many colors does the DOUCCE Relentless Matte Lip Crayon come in?

12 Colors

We always love a good lip gloss. What’s the best thing about your Luscious Lip Gloss? 

This glossy top coat provides a multi-dimensional and vibrant shine, perfect for taking your look to the next level. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of shine and your natural lip tone. 

What does Freematic mean?

Freematic is a combination of the words Free and magnetic. Our system lets you freely build your own palette choosing between eyeshadows, blush, highlighters and more. The system is based off magnets connecting in order to build the palette and keep it in place. 

What are some pro artist tips to achieve a seamless blended look with the Freematic Eyeshadow Quad – Subtle Elegance?

To achieve a seamless and blended look, apply a deeper, darker shade in the crease of your lid while using a lighter, highlighting shade on the inner corners of the eye and on the brow bone. To finish the look, apply a darker shade under the eye and around the top lash line and blend. For even more intense shimmer, apply the metallic shades with a wet brush.

How many other color palettes does the Freematic Eyeshadow Quad come in?

10 Colors

What are your top 3 palettes?

- Freematic Eyeshadow Quad in Subtle Elegance
- Freematic Eyeshadow Quad in Sweet Dreams
- Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette in Smokey

What’s the best way to use the Bold Control Graphic Marker?

The short and thick shape of this eyeliner marker make for extreme control and easy application especially designed for beginners. To create a simple yet bold eye look, hold the graphic pen parallel to your lash line. Starting toward the center of your lid, sweep the felt tip outward applying light pressure for a thin line and heavier pressure for a thicker line. Don’t be afraid to layer your lines until you perfect your look!

Is the Bold Control Graphic Marker waterproof?

Yes, it is.

How about smearing or flaking?

No smearing or flaking.

What’s the one thing you want subscribers to know about the DOUCCE Smudge Resistant Eyeliner?

To create a quick and easy smokey cat eye, line the top lash line with the Smudge Resistant Eyeliner. Next, use the smudger on the other side of the eyeliner and smudge the line outwards creating a smokey 

What makes your Punk Volumizer Mascara different from other mascaras?

Define lashes one by one, adding extreme volume and thickness. Instantly create dramatically full and seductive lashes for an audacious false-lash effect. The jumbo brush is effectively engineered with smaller and larger fiber bristles to coat every lash, while distributing the formula evenly throughout. The lightweight and creamy formula pulls every lash upwards to create a long-lasting curl without any clumping, flaking, or smudging.

What Pro Artist Tips can you give us about your Punk Volumizer Mascara?

Start by curling your lashes for extra length. To apply, look down into a mirror to prevent mascara from getting onto your eyelids. Start at the base of the lashes moving the brush side to side coating each lash and moving toward the tips. Let dry and apply a second coat for a full-on false lash effect.

What makeup trends are you seeing this summer?

We're seeing a lot of bold eyeliner and dramatic lashes.

Which products can our subscribers use from the Summer Makeup Lovers box to achieve the above-mentioned trends?

You can use our Bold Control Graphic Marker or Smudge Resistant Eyeliner to create a bold eyeliner finish. Top it off with the Punk Volumizer Mascara to dramatic lashes to complete the look. 

What’s next for Doucce?

We have some really exciting new products coming at the end of this year which include new eyeshadow and face palettes, and some more glossy lip items!
Those who get the Summer Makeup Lovers Box will receive all six of these products. What is the one thing you want them to know about Doucce? 


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