Milani Powder Rose Blush Review

By Mimi of Ligloss & Binky

Like most people I love a good “beat” face. I pin images on Pinterest, I jot notes from Instagram pictures on various make up products and colors that I wish to buy and never get around to getting. I suppose my life as SAHM/WAHM just isn’t conducive to me putting on makeup daily, which has translated into me not really owning a plethora of the pretty colors and bougie brushes like most of you.

Just a few days away from the age of 36 I’ve decided that even if I’m not wearing it everyday I want to have an arsenal of pretty makeup that compliments my skin tone for those times when I want my face made up. I want some of those pretty expensive brushes and all of the good stuff. So my journey begins here with my new Milani Rose Powder Blushes. I was sent these blushes for review by COCOTIQUE and upon taking them from the packaging I was smitten with how pretty they were and even more smitten that all of the colors would compliment my skin tone from bold to subdued.

These blushes are very pigmented and soft. Just a swirl of the brush picked up a decent amount of color allowing me to blend in more color if needed.

Romantic Rose 01


Tea Rose 08


Coral Cove 05


Romantic Rose and Tea Rose were very similar with the exception that Tea Rose had a little more pink while Romantic Rose was more on the mauve side. I like both but if I had to make a choice I would go with the Tea Rose. I see that color getting a lot of love from me.

The Coral Cove was a little bold for me but I think for a girls’ night out or an outing that would call for bold color I will definitely give this one a whirl.

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