COCOTIQUE Congratulates Taliah Waajid on celebrating her 20th year of her World Natural Hair & Healthy Lifestyle Event, a two-day fun-filled event with everything natural, healthy and organic for the whole family. From educational workshops, live entertainment to great shopping; this milestone event is definitely not to be missed!

Congratulations on celebrating 20 years of World Natural Hair & Healthy Lifestyle Event! When you first started this expo, did you ever think it would grow to this magnitude?

Absolutely! Once I established my personal natural hair care business, I knew that natural hair care would grow in popularity because there are so many benefits to wearing natural, healthy hair. Natural hair frees people from applying potentially dangerous, scalp-penetrating chemicals to their bodies.

Tell us what motivated you to create such an empowering and educational outlet geared to helping so many with their lives?

The original World Natural Hair Show was created out of a desire to experience an all-natural show free of relaxers and chemicals. After attending so many other shows, I saw the lack of natural hair solutions available and I wanted to establish a platform where stylists and consumers could learn about natural hair, products and techniques. I’ve since updated the name to World Natural Hair & Healthy Lifestyle Event to reflect our customers’ tendency to go natural with their hair as well as their overall wellness.

This year’s show is right around the corner, April 22 & 23 to be exact, what can we expect at this milestone celebration?

Attendees will see thousands of women, men and families (an estimated 30,000+) gather to network, shop and enjoy two days of 250 exhibitors, interactive workshops, fun, music and information on the latest products and services to totally enhance their lifestyles. You can expect a weekend celebration of everything natural, healthy and organic. Plus, this family-friendly extravaganza will feature free samples, a children’s corner, and free interactive workshops on hair, beauty, health and finance as well as a men's den and grooming stations, a fitness zone and an assortment of live entertainment acts featuring Culture Vibe Music Fest, a diverse line-up of live music bands.

How did your show grow from a day of celebrating natural hair to a weekend of education, entertainment and shopping?

Because I have remained committed to broadcasting the undeniable benefits of natural hair, I have been steadily motivated to educate as many as I possibly can on all that natural hair can offer. This show is very much a movement that instills love of total self. With each subsequent year, I could see that it was bound to expand because I have witnessed how so many industry insiders and consumers alike have experienced a change in their lives and perspectives on the possibilities in natural hair care simply by attending.

What is one of your proudest moments as you have seen your business grow?

Just the other day I noticed that my niece, a young lady I’ve watched grow from being a baby in diapers, is educated with a Master’s degree and is now helping me with social media for our brand. During this past spring break, I saw my nephew who attends Morehouse College working in our warehouse. In both instances, they are being compensated for their work and that makes me feel proud to have created opportunities for both my family members and others and be able to meet payroll without any issues.

What would you like the attendees to walk away with when they leave the show?

I’d like each attendee to walk away from the show enlightened and having acquired more information on healthier hair care and all the options available for their wealth management and health and wellness needs. Our show has so much to offer in the way of improving all aspects of life from looking good to feeling good to avoiding debt. I simply want all who attend to be positively impacted by the show.

We are also pleased to announce one lucky subscriber will win tickets to the show for our give-away this month. What would you like to share with the winner before the show?

I would like to congratulate that lucky subscriber for winning and welcome them to enjoy their experience at the 20TH Annual World Natural Hair & Healthy Lifestyle Event. They are definitely in for a treat!

If you’re in Atlanta, Georgia the weekend of April 22 & 23rd and you’d like to attend the show, you can buy tickets online. You don’t want to miss out on this empowering celebration!

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