Meet Our June 2016 COCOBelle, Glow Maven Latham Thomas

Our COCOBelles are extraordinary women leading extraordinary lives. This month’s spotlight is on the gorgeous and talented, Latham Thomas. As her instagram bio states, she is a Creative Matrix, Author, Soulful Doula, Yogini, Dreamer, and Founder of Mama Glow.

Named one of the “Top 100 Women to Watch in Wellness” by mindbodygreen, Latham has been empowering women on how to be the best version of themselves for over a decade. Through her lifestyle brand, Mama Glow, she inspires, educates and offers holistic services to expectant mothers. Her celebrity clientele is ever growing and includes Alicia Keys, Rebecca Minkoff, Tamera Mowry, Venus and Serena Williams, among others.

A graduate of Columbia University and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Latham serves on the advisory board of Yahoo! Health and is best-selling author of “Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy,” and on the Tufts University Nutrition Counsel. She has been featured in Vogue, SELF, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal Magazine, Essence, Fit Pregnancy, Dr. Oz, Good Day NY, Inside Edition, to name a few. Learn more about this intriguing mother, entrepreneur and wellness maven.

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How did you become interested in maternity lifestyle?
I was always drawn towards women’s health because I really enjoyed science. I have a background in plant systems and botany. I remember being in awe when my mother was pregnant with my younger sister. But it wasn’t until I became pregnant with my own child that I really opened up to the magic of the female body and it was my birth that imprinted me forever. I had a beautiful natural birth, no drugs, undisturbed, and in a birth center in Manhattan. I walked in at 9am and had my son at 1:09pm then walked home at 6pm that same day. I felt like super woman and I just knew I could do anything. I wanted to help protect women along the birth continuum and that is what we do - offer handholding and support along the way.

Tell us a little about MamaGlow?

Mama Glow is a maternity lifestyle company that works with women before, during and after pregnancy offering an array of services to bolster wellbeing. We are celebrating 5 years and our service platform is an excellent way for women to empower themselves in preparation for birth. Mama Glow is an abundant radiant energy that comes from within. It’s not just a Company, it’s also a movement. We are all about women embracing optimal wellbeing during pregnancy and beyond. We offer nutrition support, yoga and birth doula services for expectant mothers as well as an array of events. When I was pregnant with my son 13 years ago, I was looking for resources in holistic maternal health and realized they didn’t exist in the way I saw fit. I instinctively knew that women need hand-holding when they are moving through a life-event like birth and wanted to provide that level of support for clients.

Tell us how "Glow Pilots" came about and why that is an important aspect of the site?
The Glow Pilots are quite simply respected medical and wellness advisors who we love, who believe in our work and vouch for our practices. I wouldn’t say it’s an important aspect of the site but they are part of our network and we appreciate them.

How do you decide on what articles to share with your readers?

Most of our content is evergreen by nature because the issues, challenges and questions women face along the birth continuum don’t really change. We host interviews, and find interesting ways to package content so it’s snackable, easily digestible, yet profound for our readers.

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What are some on the common questions expecting Mom's ask?
There are tons! I would say it’s less about the questions they ask and more about what lingers in their minds. Many women are concerned about returning to their pre-baby body post-pregnancy. Moms have concerns about the perceived intensity of labor and pain management. I would say the bulk of our questions early on are from women dealing with morning sickness. Some women are worried about stretch marks, while others are working on draining swollen ankles. There are so many concerns that women have and our job is to educate, dispel myths, provide them with tools and empower them along the journey.

Please give us a brief rundown of a typical day for you. What is your favorite part of what you do?
There are no typical days, which is what makes it exciting for me. We have a lot of variety in our days. Some are more in the office taking calls and at the computer, others are in the field working hands-on with clients, other days we are doing postnatal visits. It truly depends on what’s happening. The calendar is very fluid for me. I like to be able to drop my son off at school in the mornings and have dinner with him at night, so I design my days around that goal. My favorite part is the flexibility of my schedule because it allows me to be there for my son in ways most people can’t. I also really love our postnatal home visits where I get to cuddle our new babies.

Speaking of your son Fulano, he is 12 years old and a DJ. How old was he when he started?

My soon to be 13 year old son has appeared on several national morning shows on repeat occasion, including The View, Today Show, GMA and more. He started deejaying at 5 and professionally at 8 years old under the tutelage of DJ Cassidy and since has performed for Bill Clinton, DVF, Fashion Week, Knicks, Miami Heat, The Oscars, Target, and so many more.


Was his love for music something you recognized from early on?

Yes, we knew when I was carrying him in my womb that he would be musical. We used to call him “our little Duke Ellington”. He started playing instruments at 2 years old.

What do you do when not working?
I enjoy cooking for friends, hanging in the garden and harvesting veggies, reading a good book, taking a long walk or going for a run with a friend.

Tell us about your self-care routine. How do you incorporate eating well and exercising into your busy schedule?
Eating well and moving my body is not incorporated into my life, it is my life. We eat several times a day so choosing options that are health supportive and tasty for me is the only choice. I don’t go to the gym but I engage in functional movement throughout the day, not just for a specific time of day. I also teach yoga a few times a week. What you eat becomes your blood, your thoughts and your actions. Eating well and moving your body can transform your life for the better.

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What 3 products are in your Ultimate Beauty Arsenal? Those Holy Grail products you just can't live without?
I love the entire Tata Harper line of skin care products. I use the Regenerating Cleanser. I love OSEA Atmosphere protection cream. I also never leave home without a Hydromist - Josh Rosenbrook makes a great one. For body smooth skin, Nucifera cream is amazing. I am big into green beauty products, so much of our toxic exposure is linked to our beauty products, so I support brands that are both good for me and the planet. We have a non-toxic pregnancy guide which we have all of our mamas read.

For more information about Latham, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.