May 2021 Sky All About Skin Box Recap

Here’s our full box reveal of the May All About Skin Box!

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This month is all about pampering and protecting your skin. You’ll find everything from a beautifully scented, luxurious shower gel, which also firms your skin, to a must-have SPF oil that you won’t want to be without this summer. We curated this special assortment so you’ll have new skin loving beauty treats to add to your skin and body care arsenal, and to start getting you summer ready.

Arganatural Firming Coconut Collagen Shower Gel

Arganatural  Firming Coconut Collagen Shower Gel (value $6.97)

For a spa-quality experience, try this skin-smoothing, firming gel as an alternative to traditional soaps, which often dry skin out. Infused with a blend of Collagen, Coconut, and other firming botanicals, this innovative shower gel creates an anti-aging lather that leaves skin looking smooth and supple. 

Key Features:

• Collagen complex promotes skin elasticity
• Will tighten and tone all skin types



Daily Concepts Reusable Rounds

Daily Concepts Reusable Rounds (value $5.00)

You will love how soft these Daily Reusable Rounds are. Complete with 2 gentle makeup remover pads that are perfect to remove 100% of your makeup. Simply soak, squeeze, and then proceed to remove makeup. You can cut down on cotton waste and remove your makeup with only water!

Key Features:

• Ideal for all skin types
• Reusable and machine washable



Afterspa Amazing Mini Makeup Remover

Afterspa Amazing Mini Makeup Remover (value $5.00)

While removing up to 100% of the most difficult makeup, this Amazing Mini Makeup Remover uses only the best, softest fabric for your skin. This gentle makeup remover is ideal for all skin types and leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft.

Key Features:

• Reusable, washing machine safe
• Leaves your skin feeling clean and soft

*You will receive the Afterspa Amazing Mini Makeup Remover or the Daily Concepts Reusable Rounds. You will not receive both



KNEIPP “Muscle Soothing” Juniper Mineral Bath Salt Soak

KNEIPP “Muscle Soothing” Juniper Mineral Bath Salt Soak (value $4.00)

A little goes a long way. Bring life and volume back to curls with this cocktail of organic Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Olive Oil, and Avocado Oil. Add this style cream to damp hair from roots to tips then twist or braid out or sculpt, and style as desired. Curls will be defined, soft, and bouncy, and not crunchy or hard.

Key Features:

• Improves Focus
• Muscle Soothing
• Detoxifying



MELĒ No Shade Sunscreen Oil SPF 30

MELĒ  No Shade Sunscreen Oil SPF 30 (value $19.99)

Protect your skin from burning rays with this broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. An elegant oil that spreads easily leaving skin feeling soft and smooth with no white residue. This quick-absorbing oil gives you daily protection from the sun and environmental aggressors for healthy protected skin when applied every 2 hours.

Key Features:

• Specifically created for melanin-rich skin
• Free from mineral oil and sulfates



Vitabath Lavender Chamomile Hand Sanitizer

Vitabath Lavender Chamomile Hand Sanitizer (value $3.95)

Calm your senses with this Lavender Chamomile Hand Sanitizer from Vitabath®, while zapping germs and bacteria. The soothing fragrance of chamomile grounds the lavender hand sanitizer in earthy stability while warm vanilla wraps you in a hug of comfort. This unique formula of vitamins A, B3, C, E and pro-vitamin B5 combines with aloe vera, our signature superfruit blend and 70% ethyl alcohol for clean, soft, and nourished hands. 

Vitabath Cool Spearmint Thyme Hand Sanitizer (value $3.95)

Cool Spearmint & Thyme™ Hand Sanitizer from Vitabath® clears your mind while cleaning your hands.

Breathe in the invigorating zest of crisp spearmint and refreshing eucalyptus essential oils while rubbing away traces of the flu, colds, and other germs.

Key Features:

• Fights germs and won’t dry your hands out
• Made with essential oils, vitamins and a special blend of signature superfruits



Hustle Clean Body Wipe Unscented

Hustle Clean Body Wipe Unscented  

What’s better than being able to clean up on the go? Use these toxin free body wipes after a workout or if you need to freshen up during the day. Made with aloe vera, witch hazel, and vitamin e, these FDA approved body wipes are the perfect size to throw in your purse or back pack. 

Hustle Clean Body Wipe Lavender 

These wipes are free from harsh chemicals and are paraben and sulfate free.  Stay fresh without damaging your skin. Hustle Clean makes it easier to clean and deodorize on the go. 

Key Features:

• FDA Approved
• Kills 99.9% of germs


There’s also a surprise full-size bonus subscriber fave product from Seed Phytonutrients.


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