Leeann Sands

Leeann Sands is Director of Ambassador Relations for Black Girls Run!. She is also a Mom, Wife and part-time blogger. You can read about the sunny antics of the Sands family at What Happens in Cali, and learn more about Leeann’s Ultimate Beauty Arsenal below--

Hair: As a naturally curly girl, smooth edges are a must. I live for the TIGI BEAD HEAD STICK. It keeps my flyaways under control without a waxy buildup! For my Curls I'm totally crushing on Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls--who doesn't want their curls to dry quickly and smell delightful?!

Makeup: I'm a really easygoing girl when it comes to my everyday face. You'll almost always catch me wearing: Select Cover Up Concealer, Love Joy Mineralize Blush, Sephora Nano liner in Coffee (b/c black is sometimes too harsh for daily wear), False Lash Mascara and a light dusting of Refined Gold Bronzing Powder. I've recently become a semi pro at putting on my own falsies so date night now has a new LOOK!

Skin Care: I consider myself pretty old school when it comes to skin care. I haven't locked on to the newest trends in facial scrubbing; I've used Mary Kay's complete skin care collection since I was 13. My skin is firm, smooth and I still think I look 13...well maybe 18! That's 21 years of consistence, so there is no need to change now! The only product I've added to my routine is using the Burt's Bees cleansing cloths to remove my make up, but I still follow up with my normal skin care routine.

Nails: Gel nails have become a bit of an addiction for me. I love the shiny polish and the 14-day chip-free wear, not to mention the process of having someone else do your nails for you. Occasionally, I take a break from gel polish and you'll find my nails lacquered with Butter London. This is my go to at home polish: long lasting and dries fast!

Fragrance: I may be the last girl on earth that doesn't have a scent! Allergies have left me in an awkward place of wanting to smell desirable without having a sneeze attack. On the off chance that I feel like my nose will allow a spritz of something, you may catch a waft of this old classic: Jean Paul Gaultier!

Beauty Indulgence:
To feel 100% beautiful I need to feel FIT! Nothing says beauty like a good sweaty run! I happen to work for the most awesome running group around, Black Girls RUN!, so I get to hit the pavement and "Preserve the Sexy" with women who are looking to make “fit” the new "black"! Exercise is my beauty indulgence... in the words of Lululemon, "Sweat once daily!"