LAMIK Beauty Brow Gel

When Kim Roxie pursued her dream of creating a makeup line without any harsh ingredients, she relied on her passion and motivation from the untimely passing of her from cancer to create LAMIK Beauty. This former makeup artist wanted to make a sure that she gave women of color a better and healthier option for color cosmetics. We are very happy to partner with Kim and her toxic-free mission for our inaugural Makeup Lovers Box and introduce you to LAMIK Beauty’s Brow Gel. Find out more about how this clean beauty company began and why this long-lasting brow gel is for you.

How did LAMIK Beauty get its start? What were you doing before you started LAMIK Beauty?

After working as a makeup artist at the mall, I revealed to my mom I was going to create a makeup line as my career next steps. My mom religiously put on her makeup before she left the house every day. She loved makeup, I loved the way the makeup made her feel. She gave me $500 and her blessing. 

In 2004, LAMIK started as a local makeup shop in Houston, Texas. Where women would come to get their makeup and eyebrows done. We started selling them products made by hand and soon LAMIK became a community where women knew they belonged.

In 2011, when my first investor, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, it stopped me in my tracks. I started asking: why? How? When I looked at the ingredients in makeup she was using every day, I found parabens, talc, and other known carcinogens, and later on, I found out that 

75% of beauty products marketed to women of color are toxic. After my mom passed away in 2014, it became my mission to give women of color access to safe, natural beauty products. 

In 2019, I pivoted my business and launched LAMIK as an e-commerce beauty company to give women of color what they want — and what they deserve: makeup made with safe, natural, and organic ingredients.


What does LAMIK stand for?

We stand for Love And Makeup In Kindness

What was the first product that you created?

The Revelation Brow Duo, formerly known as the Celebrity Brow Kit. 

How was that product received?

It was a complete success!! The shades we carry match all skin tones, even the deepest ones! And this is something that our customers were not able to find somewhere else. It is practical, perfect sized, comes with a mirror, and it’s made with 88% certified organic ingredients.  

Lamik Brow Gel

What inspired your brow gel?

I wanted to create something that would work great on both natural looks and more elaborate ones. The brow gel helps your brows stay in place all day long even if you wear it alone and also helps you finish that glam look after using your Revelation Brow Duo.

How long does LAMIK’s Brow Gel last?

Our vegan formula lasts all day! Holds your brows in place for 12-hours. 

What tips can you give us when using the brow gel?

If using another brow product, use this brow gel as a setter, at the end of your routine!  

What are the key ingredients in the LAMIK Beauty Brow Gel?

This cruelty-free product contains glycerin, which is often used as a humectant besides grooming your brows! 

How important is it for you to use toxin-free ingredients in your products?

Very! From my backstory, it is my mission to provide women of all different backgrounds access to safe makeup, promoting a healthy life style and conscious purchases. 

Kim Roxie - Founder & CEO of Lamik

What are LAMIK Beauty’s core values?

We believe in being kind to the people and being kind to the planet. Always keeping our community on top of our processes, with a growth mindset, creating innovative and meaningful products that are safe for our customers.  

What other products from LAMIK Beauty can you suggest to go with the Brow Gel?

Definitely the Revelation Brow Duo! It’s the perfect combination of brow powder and sculpting crème to define your brows, make sure to apply it with our Power Brow Duo Brush (which also serves as an eyeliner brush!). For a more natural look, I’ll recommend trying our Showtime Lip gloss in shade Naturally Me, it’s an all-time favorite!

What advice would you give to other women who want to follow their dreams to start their own business?

Look for support in your network! There is always someone that knows someone that can help you take your idea to the next level, don’t be afraid to ask or even reach out to “strangers”!

Lamik Brow Duo

What’s your hero product?

Our Revelation Brow Duo! We have 15 different combinations you can choose from.

What’s next for LAMIK Beauty?

We are so grateful for everything that happened this year so far! We are currently working on some retail expansion so you’ll see us closer to you pretty soon!!

Those who get the Makeup Lovers Box will receive a full-size Brow Gel. What is the one thing you want them to know?

We have a tutorial for you!! Check it out HERE!



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