Inside the Brand: ZAPZYT

If you struggle with acne and blemishes, you’ll be thrilled to know we’ve included ZAPZYT Acne Treatment Gel in our August Box. ZAPZYT products were designed to help you achieve clear skin with products that are not only safe and affordable, but effective too. We asked the ZAPZYT team to give us some more insight into their bestselling product, and inside the brand as a whole.

What inspired the creation of the ZAPZYT line of products?
ZAPZYT Skin Care products were created in the late 1980’s to fill a void in the skincare market. Dermatologists wanted to provide the patient with an over the counter acne product that was safe, effective and economical. Dermatologists wanted a 10% benzoyl peroxide, water based gel with no alcohol or propylene glycol. With the help of a formulating chemist ZAPZYT Acne Gel was created.

Which has been your best selling product to date?
ZAPZYT Acne Treatment Gel is the bestselling product.

Is there anyone who shouldn't use ZAPZYT products on their skin?
Anyone who is sensitive to benzoyl peroxide should not use ZAPZYT Acne Gel. We developed ZAPZYT Pore Treatment Gel, which is patent, for people with sensitive skin.

Our August subscribers received your Acne Gel. What is some of the best feedback you've ever received about this product?

  • “Struggling with acne in high school was not cute. Now that I am going to college, I started using ZAPZYT Acne Gel and overnight my acne went away. I love the results of this product thank you so much. You really boosted my confidence about how beautiful my skin really is.”

  • “I am in my 40's and have pop-up acne. The brand that I used faithfully for years was discontinued and I had to search for a new brand. ZAPZYT works amazingly well. A little dab will do wonders. If I feel a hint of a pop-up pimple, I apply a dab and it nips it in the bud. So pleased to find something that works as great as the other product I used for years-and at a fraction of the cost.”

  • “When I was a teenager I struggled with painful cystic acne that would swell up in large red mounds on my face and wouldn't go away no matter what I used (antibiotics, Accutane, dermatologists prescribed creams) nothing would work. I tried every over the counter product there was from Clearasil, Neutrogena creams, Dove, Olay, Clean and Clear. I bought multiple kits promising to cure any type of acne. Until I found ZAPZYT, I'm in love with cream! I use it twice daily, I use the gel for spot treatment. My only regret with this product is I didn't try it sooner. Seriously I have embarrassing school photos with huge scabs, pimples and scars. I may switch up my facial wash and lotion with the seasons but I will never switch to anything after this product. It's the best acne cream I've ever tried.”

What sort of results can customers expect to achieve through continued use?
Acne is controllable but not curable. ZAPZYT products penetrate deep into pores killing acne-causing bacteria, (and) delivering fast results. With continued use ZAPZYT will prevent new breakouts and reduce the chance of developing scars.

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