Starting from humble beginnings with a need for products gentle enough to use on children, Urban Hydration has grown into a brand that you can find all around the country. Our subscribers will get to experience the benefits of natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, and Avocado Oil in their hair care this month, but we wanted to share a little of the brand’s origins and what’s to come.

How did Urban Hydration get its start?

Urban Hydration was started in 2009 by husband and wife team Psyche and Vontoba Terry. Psyche was in search of natural products that would help her live a happier, healthier life. She wanted products that she could trust, with ingredients that were safe to use on her children. What started out as simply making concoctions at their kitchen table, quickly turned into a brand that’s in over 5,000 retail stores across the country.

Tell us about your Coconut Oil Shampoo. How does it differ from other shampoos?

Urban Hydration’s Coconut Oil Shampoo with Avocado & Argan Oil features natural ingredients, like Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, and Avocado Oil that work to enhance and promote healthy growth and shine. These oils also bring out the natural curl and texture in the hair.

The follow up to your shampoo is the Coconut Oil Conditioner; tell us about your conditioner.

The Coconut Oil Conditioner with Avocado & Argan Oil features the same triple threat ingredients: Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, and Avocado Oil. It’s lightweight and non-greasy, designed to nourish and hydrate natural and color treated hair from root to end.

What are the benefits of using these products?

Our products feature natural ingredients that are not harmful or damaging. In fact, they’re designed to help reverse damage through promoting re-growth and adding moisture and life back into dry, damaged, or frizzy hair through healthy oils.

Is your hair care system for all hair types?

Because of the amount of natural oils, our hair care system is ideal for hair types 2, 3, & 4.

Can men use either of the products on their hair or beard?

Our hair care is not gender-exclusive. Everyone can use it, including men for their facial hair.

What other products from your line can you suggest as a follow up to the shampoo and conditioner?

We definitely recommend our Coconut Oil Leave-In Conditioner with Avocado & Argan Oil and our Coconut-Oil-Daily Moisturizer with Avocado & Argan Oil. Both of these products are great for adding a daily dose of moisture in-between washes!

What’s next for Urban Hydration?

Urban Hydration is always looking for ways to grow and create innovative products that respond to customers’ needs and ultimately lead people to live happier, healthier lives. We have a number of new projects in the works and we can’t wait to unveil them as they develop!

Each of our monthly subscribers will be receiving a deluxe sample size of both the shampoo and conditioner in their box, what is the one take-away that you’d like to leave them with?

Urban Hydration is a family-owned company that cares about every product that goes on your skin and hair. We created natural products that are safe and healthy enough to use on our own children, and we want you to be able to enjoy that benefit too!

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