Taliah Waajid, hair stylist, educator and entrepreneur created a solution for those who wanted to achieve salon results at home. We sat down with the mastermind herself as she gave us a glimpse into her Pure & Natural collection and other collections that she created from listening to her client’s concerns about their natural textures.

Tell us about Taliah Waajid and how the brand got its start.

The Taliah Waajid product brand began in 1996 with the development of Black Earth Natural Products which was the very first complete line of hair care products ever to address natural hair, braids and locs style and maintenance needs. This line was born out of client requests of wanting to know what products they could use at home to recreate and maintain the looks the received at the salon. Because there were no such products available in the marketplace, I created my own.

Please tell us about the products in the Pure & Natural collection.

The Pure & Natural collection contains naturally inspired ingredients and herbal extracts to infuse the hair with natural oils and provide intense moisture. All of the products work to end dry, dull, lifeless hair by mending breakage, strengthening the hair and defining natural curl patterns to give you soft luscious curls with no build up.


Shea-Coco Conditioning Co-Wash

Shea-Coco Conditioning Co-Wash can be used as a conditioning co-wash or a leave-in conditioner. This product keeps hair moisturized, softens and conditions hair, helps eliminate frizz and makes hair more manageable.

Shea Coco Curly Hair Souffle for 3B-4B Hair

Shea-Coco Curly Hair Souffle for 2C-4A Hair provides daily curl definition and moisture without weighing down on medium to thick curly, wavy natural hair textures. This product softens hair for better manageability and controls frizz.


Shea-Coco Natural Hair Style Cream for 3C-4C Hair

Shea-Coco Natural Hair Style Cream for 3C-4C Hair is a non-greasy cream containing Shea Butter, Castor Oil and Coconut Oil to soften the thickest of naturals, curls and twist. It works to condition, define curls, reduce frizz, optimize shine and softness and hold natural styles longer on medium to thick natural hair textures.


Shea-Coco Condition

Shea-Coco Condition is an intense daily leave-in conditioner that protects hair from damage and keeps hair moisturized without shrinkage. It can also be used as a detangler.


Shea-Coco Monoi Oil

Shea-Coco Monoi Oil Serum is an all-natural serum that mends split ends and helps reverse damage to the hair. Great for adding shine and eliminating frizz, this serum can be used as a hot oil treatment, styling oil and a moisturizer for both hair and skin.


Talk to us about your Black Earth Products. How does this collection differ from your other collections?

Black Earth Natural Products was the first collection of its kind ever to address the needs of natural hair care, its various products provide comprehensive moisturizing, growth support and breakage protection for all natural hair wearers whereas the other collections provide these same protections while addressing a specific styling option need.

What are the defining differences between your collections?

Each collection addresses the need for more options in women’s styles, children’s hair, men’s hair, curly hair and those who want to maintain the health of their natural hair as they wear protective styles.

You have developed other collections that can be found on your website, which one is your favorite?

While I don’t have a favorite collection, I do have favorite items from each collection. My favorite of all my products is the Nutrient Rich Shine Butter from the Curls Waves Naturals collection. I love it because I use it on my skin every day—when I get out of the shower, after I was my hands, when I get a pedicure. I use Nutrient Rich Shine Butter instead of using lotion.

I also love the Shea-Coco Monoi Oil from the Pure & Natural Collection, the Stimulating Herbal Cleaner from the Black Earth Products collection, and the Easy Herbal Comb Out from the Kinky Wavy Natural collection.

How did you come up with the idea of producing multiple collections?

Each collection, again, responds to a specific styling need that arose with my customers. Because I am interested in responding to their hair health and styling concerns, I am always listening closely and working to create solutions for my customers.

What are the top three common concerns that women have about their hair?

  1. How to maintain moisture to prevent dry hair and scalp.

  2. How to strengthen hair and elasticity to avoid and prevent breakage.

  3. How to nourish and maintain hair to promote growth.

Which collection would you suggest for them?

Each and every collection offers solutions to address all three concerns as well as the ability to care for hair while wearing a specific natural or protective style.

What is the future of natural hair care products?

The future involves more items offering versatility in styling and protective styling. I’m not going to give away all of my ideas and secrets, but that is my prediction.

What’s next for Taliah Waajid?

I want to keep creating and meeting the demands for customers who want to wear their hair naturally and help them to achieve realistic goals for styling and maintenance options. I also want to continue to educate as many as I can on how to accept and flaunt their own hair texture.

Each of our monthly subscribers will be receiving full size samples of the Shea Coco Natural Collection in their box, what is the one take-away that you’d like to leave them with?

The Pure & Natural collection uses the most natural ingredients, extracts and oils to care for and maintain your hair. When you are using these products, you can be sure that your hair is receiving the ultimate in healthy nutrients.

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