Inside the Brand: Su-Kari for Men

Su-Kari has been a fabulous partner for COCOTIQUE, allowing us to share the luxurious feel and scent of many of their delicious bath and body products with our subscribers. Adding to their success, CEO and Founder Mia Johnson, has created an equally wonderful set of body products that are created specifically for men. In tandem with our Limited Edition Father’s Day Box, we chatted with Mia about her inspired new collection.

Women have had the pleasure of treating themselves to Su-Kari body butters for some time now; what inspired you to create a Men's Collection as well?
Su-Kari for Men was inspired by the men in our lives who enjoy taking care of their skin. Men are now spending almost as much as women on beauty products. Women have been taking care of their skin for years using beauty products so why shouldn’t our dads, husbands and boyfriends be able to do the same?

What makes these products standouts for male skin?
Any man using our products is sure to get some attention. Our body butters are formulated to absorb quickly to combat rough, dry skin. The scents that we use in the Su-Kari for Men products will leave men feeling fresh, masculine and sexy. Our male customers have even told us they feel like kings when they use our products!

How do you source the delicious ingredients--like macadamia seed butter, mango butter and Shea butter--that you use in products like the I-Maree Body Butter for Men.
Our ingredients are sourced from USDA certified organic wholesalers.

Speaking of the I-Maree Body Butter for Men, recipients of our Father's Day box will get a deluxe sample size to try for themselves. What does the name of this decadent butter divulge to the consumer about what they can expect when they receive it?
I-Maree means King in Swahili. What man doesn’t like feeling like a king?

Currently the Men's Collection features body butters and your Royal Coffee Scrub. Are there any other products coming soon that men can look forward to in the future?
We will be expanding the Men’s collection in the near future to include grooming and more body care products!

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