Inside the Brand: ProRituals

If you value service, education, innovation and an ability to stay ahead of trends, you’ll love ProRituals. Conceived as a hair care brand strictly for professionals, the company has grown into a line of products known for helping you to create “hair the way nature intended”. Professional hair stylists reading this will especially enjoy the pro tips ProRituals is sharing below using their Hair and Scalp Therapy Oil, found in our February box.

What was the inspiration behind ProRituals, and how did the brand get its name?
Twenty-three years ago at Christmas time, budding entrepreneurs Simon and Jason Brandler--blood brothers and Sassoon soul mates--were walking through London’s Piccadilly Circus when the song “Jingle Bells” began wafting through the air. Somehow, the song struck a chord and the brothers christened the newly formulated, pro-only hair brand “Jingles.” Today, thirteen years after Robanda purchased Jingles and added a permanent single concept hair color line, the brand has been completely revamped and relaunched as “ProRituals by Jingles”.

What is the ProRituals mission?
ProRituals is an eco-friendly stylistically advanced hair care and color line that features Paraben and sulfate-free formulas that deliver superior results. Inspired by nature and driven by fashion, ProRituals boasts a full wet styling and color line that covers grey like no other.

Because our commitment is to the Professional Beauty Industry, we strive to make sure our products are always performing to the utmost level of superior excellence. We stand behind our products with an intense quality control system, which is ongoing daily.

Trend Forecasting is a large part of our daily research. We forecast fashion to continue to provide the salon industry with products designed to support new trends as well as the everyday salon client.


We at ProRituals are always looking for greener, more environmentally conscious ingredients. Our commitment is not only to create new technology in the Professional Hair Industry, but also to create products that offer amazing styling and color options while maintaining our commitment to the earth.

We guarantee that our education is among the top in the industry. From seasonal collections to a team of the most talented artists in our industry, we will bring you something for every stylist in your salon. For information on our La Jolla, California Academy and other education opportunities go to our website at

Why is it important for ProRituals products to be made from green and eco-conscious materials?
Customers demand this attention, so our brands must respect it, and put a conscious effort into doing our share to protect our ecosystem--even if it means slightly higher production costs. The importance of ingredients and the grade that we use can make a difference to the overall experience for the consumer.


What has been your best selling product to date?
ProRituals Mega Hold Silver Hairspray and our ProRituals ColorFuel

February COCOTIQUE subscribers are receiving a deluxe sample size of ProRituals Hair + Scalp Therapy in their boxes. How should they incorporate this product into their regular cleansing rituals?
ProRituals Hair and Scalp Therapy Oil
Containing 100 percent natural botanical oils and silicone free, Hair and Scalp Therapy Oil is a safe way to moisturize hair and promote shine. And (professionals) can use it as a profit-boosting item on their menus. Check out these three ways to use ProRituals Hair and Scalp Therapy Oil.

Use #1: Chemical Services - Adding an extra level of moisture to your hair, as any chemical service takes a toll on it during processing.

Recipe: Add 5 grams /1 teaspoon to any color or bleach mixture.

Outcome: Adding Hair and Scalp Therapy Oil to your color or bleach replaces the fatty acids that are depleted from hair during the chemical service, leaving hair moisturized and shinier than you ever thought possible after a color or bleach service! And don’t worry--adding oil won’t slow down processing time.

*Hair and Scalp Therapy Oil can also be used as a barrier to protect the hairline from staining, and it can be added to your color formula if the client has sensitivity to hair color.

Use #2: Hot Oil Treatment - A great way to tame your textured hair and treat yourself in the process.

Recipe: Mix equal parts Hair and Scalp Therapy Oil and ProRituals Hydrate Intense Moisture Treatment

Process: Microwave the mixture for approximately 5 seconds or heat in a plastic bag in a hot pool of water. Then apply to clean, damp hair. Work it through the hair with your fingers or a wide toothed comb, and leave on for 5 to 15 minutes. Rinse with a little shampoo to remove the botanical oils.

Use #3: Humidity Shield

Recipe: Mix hair and Scalp Therapy Oil with ProRituals Dream Cream Leave-in Styling Conditioner. Apply to dry or damp hair.

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