Inside the Brand: Pink Sugar Cookie Bath and Body

If you have a love for all things pink and sugary sweet, you will have a penchant for Pink Sugar Cookie Bath and Body. The brand, named for owner Inga Rheams’ favorite things, puts a fresh and saccharine spin on body and skin care with luxurious crèmes, scrubs, soaps, oils and butters. Get ready to be inspired to treat yourself to a little something rich and delectable when you read on for more about how to use Pink Sugar Cookie Bath & Body products for a spring renewal for your skin.

How did Pink Sugar Cookie Bath and Body get its sweet name?

It all began with my love of candy, various smells and oils, along with the need to give myself another skincare choice. And I love the color pink. My love affair with dancing, pink ballet slippers, destination spas and pink tutus (contributed to) how we came up with Pink Sugar Cookie Bath and Body.

COCOTIQUE supports women's empowerment and entrepreneurship. Who or what empowered you to make the leap to establish Pink Sugar Cookie

My mom. She loved beauty, make up and fresh, and unique body care. She was a strong woman who was a proud visionary, designer and the ultimate innovator; she totally inspired Pink Sugar Cookie Bath and Body.

How much of a role do visuals and packaging play in the overall experience you seek to create for your customers?
Packaging has played a huge role. PSC Bath and Body's keepsake bow adorned jars create a warm, fuzzy, sweet sugar experience; our goals is to provide a clean, natural, sweet--and super cute product.

Spring is a time of year when love is in the air--how can couples use your products to create pampering experiences for each other
All of Pink Sugar Cookie Bath and Body’s products can be used to soothe and smooth any couples’ way to a fabulous spa night. PinkSugar Kisses, PinkSugar Tropical Kisses and PinkGinger are among the PSC B&B signature PinkScents. Our sugar scrubs: PinkCreme and PinkWash are awesome for a romantic bath experience. Our PinkBath Oil is essential to any couples’ one-on-one foot, back or full body massage.

Our March subscribers will receive a Pink Sugar Cookie body scrub--what are some of the key features and benefits of this product?
The benefit of our scrubs will be PinkRadiance and skin renewal! With jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil, our scrubs will certainly give all of COCOTIQUE’s subscribers a glowy, dewy shine; wrapping them with sweet PinkHugs and long-lasting BodyKisses.

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