Inside the Brand: Nude by Center Stage Cuts

When Calvin Quallis, Founder and Partner of Center Stage Cuts--a natural hair salon and barbershop located in Newark, NJ—started noticing a pattern of dry, damaged and thinning textured hair among many of his clients, he knew he wanted to create an effective, yet natural way to nurse those tresses back to health. And so, Nude by Center Stage Cuts was born. We asked Calvin to share more about how this all-natural brand’s products work to nourish common problems, and ways that you can better care for your natural hair.

How long have you been in the barbershop and natural hair care business?
Center Stage Cuts – a natural hair salon and barbershop, located in Newark, NJ – opened its doors for business in 2012. In 2011, we started out mixing up batches of hair and skin care products to give to friends, family and eventually customers.

What was the most common problem you were seeing with your clients' hair?
Many of the clients that visited us had dry, damaged hair, and dealt with thinning hair and scalp irritations like dandruff and itchy scalp.

What was the catalyst for creating your own line of natural hair care products?
Nude by Center Stage Cuts was created out of desperation to find the most effective, yet natural, ingredients to replenish and treat the dry, dull and damaged hair of family, friends and the customers that visited Center Stage Cuts on a daily basis. Many of our clients, even my own mother, suffered with hair loss from many years of wearing weaves, poor installation of braids, chemical relaxers and hot combing. Textured hair tends to be a bit dryer and more susceptible to breakage. Using chemical relaxers and installing tight braids, weaves, cornrows and ponytails causes permanent damage to hair follicles. It is with this knowledge that I set out to create a line of products - with herbs, plant extracts and other naturally derived ingredients - that promote hair growth at the follicular level and enhance manageability and the overall health of the hair.

Tell us about the name Nude by Center Stage Cuts. How did you devise it and what do you want it to convey to customers?
Nude, we hope, signifies something that is bare, unclad, stripped. Our products do not contain toxic ingredients and unnecessary fillers. All of our creations are truly effective and handmade from a superior blend of extracts, natural butters, organic oils and botanical infusions. And of course, Center Stage Cuts is the name of our natural hair salon and barbershop.

What type of results can customers expect from your Hydrating & Nourishing Deep Conditioner--which our September COCOTIQUE subscribers received in their boxes?
Our luxurious conditioner has an exceptional composition of botanical infusions – Slippery Elm Bark, Sea Kelp, Neem Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Marshmallow Root and Burdock Root – that stimulates the scalp and roots of hair, promotes hair growth at the follicular level and enhances manageability and the overall health of the hair. Customers can expect a high-quality conditioner that prevents breakage, provides incredible slip and hydrates and transforms dull, lifeless and messy hair, for unstoppable kinks, coils and curls that are radiant and well moisturized.

What advice would you give for maintaining healthy, natural tresses during the summer months?
Too much exposure to the sun during hot summer months can dry out your hair. If you’re going to be in the sun all day, protect your natural hair with a large brimmed hat or beautiful head wrap. Also, use water based hair products in the summer. Using heavy, greasy products in the summer will coat the hair and prevent your strands from taking in the natural moisture that we get in the warmer summer months.

For more about Nude by Center Stage Cuts visit their website, or connect with them on social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.