Inside The Brand: Naturally Everything

Have you ever tried product after product only to find out that nothing seems to work on your type of hair? No matter what type of hair you have, all hair needs moisture and that's when the endless search begins. Thanks to Naturally Everything, they have whipped up a product that will give your curls great definition, stand up to humidity and yes, moisturize your hair. Butter Batter not only smells amazing but it definitely moisturizes the hair and doesn’t just sit on top of it.

Learn more about Butter Batter and how it can change your life.

Tell us about Naturally Everything. How did the brand get its start?

I have tight, dry, non-porous curls and my hair is super thick. I love my natural hair, but I have always searched for products that made it easier to manage. Up until I had my daughter, my way of maintaining my hair was to keep it in protective styles. When I had her, not only did I not have time for styles that took longer, but I also had to do my daughter’s hair. Oh, did I mention, she was born with hair exactly like mine? So, I was never able to use one of those cute little baby brushes on her hair. After that, I wanted both of us have healthy hair that looked good without having to spend my entire day on hair. I got to the point where I felt like I had tried every natural hair product. Then, I started experimenting in my kitchen and butter batter was born.

Tell us about Butter Batter and all of its many benefits?

Butter Batter is great for styling and moisturizing. It defines and holds curls and doesn't need any added products to seal in moisture. The natural butters feel and smell amazing. It is awesome for twisting and locking, other protective styles, as well as wash & go styles and set styles like bantu knots and twist outs.

Does this product work on all hair types?

It works for all curly textures as well as relaxed or transitioning hair! When creating Butter Batter, I tried to keep in mind all of the frustrations that people tend to have with their curls and solve their issues.


How do you use Butter Batter and how often?

I live by it when it comes to my hair and my daughter's hair. For her, I like to use Butter Batter for her double stranded twists. I only apply it when I'm twisting it and use Naturally Everything's Butter Drenched Moisture Spray for moisture daily. For me, I love it for my bantu knots and I apply a few nights a week when I knot my hair and tie it down.

Can you suggest any other uses for Butter Batter other than hair?

As a rule, I think anything that you can't put on your skin you shouldn't put in your hair. Butter Batter can definitely be used on the skin.

What’s next for Naturally Everything?

Naturally Everything will continue producing products that nourish the skin and naturally textured hair as well as some other fun cosmetics like lip colors.

Each of our monthly subscribers will be receiving a deluxe sample size bottle of Butter Batter, What is the one take-away that Naturally Everything would to leave them with?

They've been introduced to their new favorite product!

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