Inside the Brand: Natasha Somalia

Having been a stylist for 24 years, Hair Stylist, Educator and Health Enthusiast, Natasha Somalia, knows a thing or two about caring for hair of all different types and textures. But she doesn’t just want her clients to get proper care when they come and sit in her chair, she wants women to be able to treat and maintain their healthy hair at home too. Enter the Natasha Somalia brand of products, including the best-selling Beauty Secret Cashmere Hair & Body Oil, which is one of the fantastic products in our June 2015 Box.

How is Natasha Somalia redefining the concept of hair care products?
Redefining the concept of hair care products came from the passion that I have for hair care. I can't imagine my clients leaving the salon and going to a pharmacy to buy hair products that were not developed by someone knowledgeable about the different textures and types of hair.

It was important to me that my clients were able to treat and maintain their hair at home just as I do for them in my salon. It is my goal for everyone, no matter what her ethnic background, to (be able to) maintain healthy hair with extraordinary brilliance.

Who is the consummate Natasha Somalia customer? What is her lifestyle like?
The consummate Natasha Somalia customer is the diverse woman; I cater to all ethnicities. It's really about hair texture and as a licensed stylist for 24 years I have studied the science of hair texture, which allows me to service every woman or child. My clients (range from) homemakers to lawyers--as well as the little misses going to Kindergarten--they are all beautiful.


What has been your best selling product to date?
My best selling product to date is the CASHMERE™ OIL from my Beauty Secret Line. It has 5 uses for hair, body and skin and is great for the entire family.

What do customers most often say is their favorite thing about Natasha Somalia products?
My customers often say things like, "Wow (this product) is AMAZING! My hair has never felt like this before”; or “It made my hair feel so good I couldn't believe it--I've never had that kind of effect with any product before”.


Tell us about the benefits of your Beauty Secret Cashmere Hair & Body Oil, which all our June subscribers received.
There are a few benefits of the CASHMERE™ OIL, from its multi-use capabilities to its amazing scent. The entire family will be in love.

Features and uses:

  • As a pre scalp treatment, massage onto dry scalp and leave in overnight, then shampoo in the morning

  • After a shower or bath, apply a few drops of CASHMERE™ OIL to damp skin to seal in moisture

  • Add to running bath water to condition dry skin

  • Use for an aromatic body massage

  • Use for beards to stimulate growth

  • Use it as cuticle oil for at home manicures

  • Add a few drops to your body lotion to boost moisture and leave skin feeling soft and supple

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