Inside the Brand: My DNA

The My DNA brand believes that ingredients matter, and it packs its products with nutrients like aloe, Argan oil, coconut oil and Shea butter to thoroughly nourish your tresses. Their featured ingredient, Monoi de Tahiti, was discovered after a search for natural, plant-based options that would work well for every texture, and help customers embrace their natural DNA.

What inspired the start of the My DNA brand? 
My DNA is the perfect finish to what nature started.  

What has been your best selling product to date? 
My DNA Leave-In and Detangler.

What is the number one value My DNA seeks to provide for its customers? 
That this is a quality product, with quality ingredients, but produced at a price that all consumers can purchase for their natural hair needs.

How much of a role do visuals and packaging play in the overall experience you seek to create for customers? 
Visuals and packaging play a huge role in the overall customer experience because the customer relies on the packaging to get the information they desire for their hair needs.  They also look for styles that appeal to them and then use the products you recommend to achieve that particular style.

Our August subscribers received your Defining Custard. Can you share some of the features and benefits, as well as some non-traditional uses for this product?
The My DNA Defining Custard is a silky, alcohol-free formula, created to boost intense definition, moisture and shine--while reducing shrinkage.

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