Inside the Brand: Mischo Beauty

From beauty blogger to beauty brand--Kitiya Mischo King has successfully made a leap that many only dream of. After years of helping women to look their best as a beauty professional, as well as giving advice through her blog, King has taken her beauty business one step further and created the Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquer collection. Read on to find out how she knew it was time to take the leap, and the best piece of business advice she received.

You have been in the beauty industry for several years as a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, manicurist, makeup artist and beauty blogger. How did you know it was time to make the leap to beauty brand?
It's always been my dream to make the leap to beauty brand. I knew when I started my beauty blog that it would serve as a stepping-stone. The final push to start the beauty brand came when I was pregnant with my son, and realized that I had not polished my nails for the first six months of my pregnancy due to the fact that I was not able to find a 5 FREE nail polish that was as chic as it was healthy. That is when I decided to take matters into my own hands and create the Mischo Luxury Nail Lacquer collection.

What was the most-savvy piece of business advice you received prior to launching the brand?

I was given lots of advice, but the advice that has proven itself true over and over again was that I should not neglect the importance of having the support of my local community - and I did not. The support of the Washington, DC metropolitan community has been crucial to the success of my beauty brand.

We love the themes of the Mischo Beauty 'Icons' and 'Fashion Week' Nail Lacquer Collections (and are so excited that our lucky Bonus Box winner will receive the full Icons Collection!). From where do you find inspiration most often?
Everyday life!

What has been your best selling color or lacquer set to date?
The top selling nail lacquer is "#NYFW", and the top selling nail lacquer set is "The Tents"!

How much of a role does social media play in your branding strategy?
Social media plays a huge role in my brand's strategy! I started my beauty blog in 2007, and because of it I have been an early adapter/believer in the importance of social media. Social media helped me build an audience for my beauty blog, which I was then able to carry over to my beauty brand.

Can we look forward to other types of products, in addition to nail lacquer, from Mischo Beauty in the future?

YES! In addition to nail lacquer, I am working on the launch of a color cosmetics collection for Fall 2015 - so please stay tuned!