Inside the Brand: Lottabody

You may recognize the brand Lottabody from when you were using their setting lotion on your favorite relaxed styles years ago. But this well-known brand that has been in business for over 30 years has recently revamped some of their staples to create a line of styling products that will work for you no matter if you wear your hair natural or relaxed. COCOTIQUE is thrilled to have partnered with Lottabody on an exclusive takeover of our July Box, making it chock full of full sized products from their new Styling Line. Tuan Tu, Lottabody Director of Marketing, shared with us a few of the things that make this styling line so unique.

Lottabody has been making consumer hair products for quite a long time. Tell us a bit about the company history.


The Lottabody brand originally launched in the early ‘70s and reached its first peak in the ‘90s when hair wraps and wet sets were the most popular styles for relaxed hair. So when people think about the Lottabody they knew way back then, our original setting lotion, wrapping mousse and those iconic hair styles immediately come to mind. Over the years, we've launched several iterations of these two staple products with many different ingredients, ranging from carrot oil to olive oil.

Last year, we refreshed the brand and launched our Lottabody Style Collection, which is a line for natural and relaxed textures that features six new products infused with Coconut and Shea oils: the Style Me Texturizing Setting Lotion, Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk, Wrap Me Foaming Mousse, Shape Me Custard Gelée, Control Me Edge Gel and the newest addition the Love Me 5-n-1 Miracle Styling Crème.

What inspired the new styling line?
Our Style Collection was inspired by the ever-evolving styling needs of women in the Lottabody community. Our biggest goal was making sure these products work well with all textures of hair, from silky straight to the curly, coily and kinkiest of hair textures. And we've definitely achieved that with this line!


How do Coconut and Shea oils enhance the products in the new line?
On its own each of these oils provides a number of benefits that aid in maintaining healthy hair and make styling much easier. Together, these essential oils hydrate the hair, add moisture and brilliant shine, help tame frizz and enhance curl definition, leaving the hair soft and nourished.

The products are ideal for use on both natural and relaxed hair. What are some of the ways these products can be used for natural hair
At least one of the products in our new Style Collection can be used in every step of the styling process for women with natural or relaxed hair, from using the Love Me 5-n-1 Miracle Styling Crème or Moisturize Me Style & Curl Milk as a leave-in to using our Control Me Edge Gel to put the finishing touches on a curly puff or chic up-do. Women can use these products to achieve any style that comes to mind: twist and braid outs, perm or flexi rod sets, crochet braids, protective styles, etc.

What are some of the ways they can be used for relaxed hair?
These products provide women with relaxed or natural hair with the versatility to style their hair any way they dream. Popular styles for women with relaxed hair remain perm or flexi rod sets (done on wet or dry hair), doobie wraps, and sleek up-dos such as a bun or high ponytail.


Customers can get ideas for styling and product use in your online Style Gallery at What inspires the looks you feature there?
The looks in our Style Gallery are classic styles with a modern twist that women with natural or relaxed hair can emulate using the products in our new Style Collection. Our Instagram page @LoveLottabody is also an amazing place to go for style inspiration.

How does Lottabody encourage their community of customers to interact with the brand via social media?
By simply speaking her language and having an authentic dialogue. Our community is full of new and loyal Lottabody fans and who constantly inspired us. When it comes to social media we really tend to follow their lead in terms of the types of content we post and share.

If the content is relatable to the community in an inspiring, funny or purposeful way, we'll share it, even if it isn't directly related to one of our products. And I think that's the key. You need to have that balance.

Where can women go for additional hair care and styling resources from Lottabody?
In addition to, women can find us on Instagram @LoveLottabody, Twitter @LoveLottabody and at

Our new line of products is available in beauty supply stores across the country and in select Wal-Mart, Family Dollar, Fred's Super Dollar and Sally Beauty Supply stores. They can also be purchased online from Luxe Beauty Supply at

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